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April - September 2

I want to get some things cleared up. Anyone got some input please let me know! 1. I heard that dying your hair is now out of the question once you are pregnant.. 2. getting your nails done ie: acrylic nails.. 3. Eating Tuna is bad 4. Taking gaviscon for morning sickness 5. working out is bad 6. Drinking LOTS of milk is really good. Anybody know if these are myths or if they are true. There are so many things out thereā€¦ who knows if they are true or not.


Vanessa - August 26

This is what I know. Working out is fine as long as you do not do anything strenous- They recommend aerobic activities (walking, jogging, bicycling, swimming, tennis singles), calisthenics designed for pregnancy, relaxation techniques, and Kegel exercises. You are not supposed to dye or perm your hair because the chemical solutions used in such products are absorbed through the scalp into the bloodstream raising questions about the safety to the unborn child during pregnancy so I would a__sume acrylic nails might be the same if chemicals are used because the chemicals would be absorbed through the skin. Anyway, to avoid writing a book there is actually a book called "What to Expect When You're Expecting by Eisenberg, Murkoff, and Hathaway which covers all the topics which you had questions about. There is a whole list of things to do for morning sickness also. I bought this book and paid around $12.95 which was a great investment for me and my peace of mind. Good Luck.


brucen - August 27

1) There has been no conclusive evidence that hair dye or perming is harmful during pregnancy. Because it has not been proven conclusively, books like the one above would have you take the "It's better to be safe than sorry" route. Other than absorbtion through the skin, inhaling the fumes seems to be a concern too. 2) The same holds true for getting your nails done. 3) Eating tuna is bad because f the risk of mercury acc_mulation. Eating every once inahile is ok, and some types of tuna are better than others. Fish should most definitely be including in your pregnancy diet, because of the benefits of DHA. However, fish like salmon over tuna are a better source of DHA. 4) Again no clinical studies have been done on the effects of taking Gaviscon while pregnant, so its manufacturers recommend you consult your physican before taking. 5) Strenuous workouts are bad, the ones suggested in Vanessa post are ok. 6) Drinking milk is good because of the vitamins and calcium found in it. You are right there are tons of do's and don'ts, it can be overwhelming. It's best to get as much information as you can from as many different sources as possible. That way you have a clearer picture of what is good/ bad or whatever and can make a educated decision on what you (and/or your doc) think is best for you.


Amanda - August 27

Are you a doctor, Brucen? I used to highlight my hair regularly and my OB/GYN advised me to cease since I am pregnant. She sighted the need to cease because of the absorption through the scalp into the bloodstream and she also highly recommended the book that the prior poster, Vanessa wrote about. My OB/GYN indicated that I should not eat fish that are bottom of the water feeders. She indicated that eating other fish are safe but not more than once a week. As for Gaviscon, my OB/GYN prefers that I only take Tums which actually adds to your calcium. To summarize, I also would recommend reading the book that the prior poster, Vanessa wrote about because it is very helpful especially if this is your first pregnancy. Otherwise, I would check with your OB/GYN to see what they feel is best for you.


April - August 27

I have another question. I have not seen my family doctor yet, I am going on 5 weeks. I went to the walk in to get a blood test. I have not been able to get in to see her because the appt is so long, and she has weird hours. I went on pre natal drugs. Im just worried cause since Im not getting all my tests done for another 4 weeks.. I just want to make sure that I am healthy, as well as my baby. The only way to tell is thru an ultrasound correct? What does the first doctors visit do... Not the OBGYN, my family doctor. I told I was to see her for 3 months than am sent off to an obgyn. I hope I am getting an ultrasound in that appt, I am want to be re-a__sured that everything is happening normally.


brucen - August 27

No, I am not a medical doctor. The things you stated are perfectly valid an if you choose to do them because it is what you are told then great-- it is better to be safe than sorry. However even the book you cite states that the risk is theorectical, as I stated in my previous post, there is no conclusive evidence. It is in your doctor's best interest to warn you against anything that could be even remotely harmful, if she wishes to avoid being sued for malpractice. For example, in the third edition of book mentioned the information on fetal hiccups is confusing, if not contradictory. I suggest getting information from various sources for that reason and because it is in your best interest to know all that you can.


Lisa - August 27

April- Some OB's do sonograms at different times. Typically they are sooner in the pregnancy if your doctor believes there is a problem with the pregnancy. On your first visit you should be prepared to have a blood and/or urine test as well as an internal (regular MD's can do internal's also to verify that there is thickening in the uterus. Don't think only OB's will do an internal). Doctor's can tell alot through blood tests by just checking your levels. The first sonogram is mostly to make sure the fetus developement is on target. I do agree with Vanessa and Amanda about purchasing that book. For BruceN's sake I am emphasizing that it is merely a guide however, it is a good guide if you are definitely more interested in being SAFE than SORRY(*note: Don't ever believe everything you read on the internet either as far as pregnancy- There are alot of misinformed people). Anyway, that book will just guide you on things you should know and may raise additional questions for you to ask your doctor or OB. In the meantime, keep taking your prenatal vitamins, get some exercise, and relax!! :) Congrats on your baby.


David - August 27

We liked that book.


Ashley - August 27

I know that eating tuna is not bad. it is really good for you to have that ecspecially if you are b___stfeeding.


Madison - August 29

I would like to know how many times BruceN has been pregnant? You seem to think you know it all and you are personally aware of what a woman goes through mentally and physically- How??


brucen - August 29

Madison: This would be my first time, forgive me for taking it upon myself to learn as much as possible about my new experiences AND trying to share them with others. I only offer what I know, you may take it or leave it. Better yet, skip over my posts.


Madison - August 30

Well, this is my third child and I am here to tell you that you have not done enough research. When you get pregnant with your first child you don't suddenly have all the answers because everyone's pregnancy and birth is not testbook regardless of how many books you read or internet sites you visit. That is why alot of women seek advise from other women.


For Vanessa - August 30

Vanessa, I see you said that jogging is ok. I love to jog... but am worried as they say that the first 3 months are critical..not to lift anything heavy to take it easy. I am 5 weeks this week.. You think its still ok to jog?? My heart rate gets up there.. and I get real warm. Is this ok for the well as all the bumping around in there?


Vanessa - August 30

I jogged with my pregnancy (only up to 5 months) because after reading the book I consulted my doctor who confirmed the info. in the book. Jogging, not sprinting, is considered to be an aerobic activity because it is repet_tive motion that is strenuous enough to demand increased oxygen to the muscles but not strenous enough to exceed the supply causing damage to the fetus. This type of exercise is supposed to help you carry better, make for a easier delivery, and a__sist with controlling your weight. The bumping around is not an issue because your baby is so small that it really isn't bumping around. My doctor did not want me jogging after 5 months because of my center of gravity changing and doctor did not want to risk a fall so I changed over at 5 months to power walking which doctor thought was fine. You have to do what you and your doctor feel comfortable with you doing, ok? Congrats and good luck again.


brucen - August 30

Madison: Please show me where I suggested that every pregnancy was text book. I understand that your hormones are in a rage right now, but please take the time to read carefully. You really should find some contructive ways to harness your negative energy. Have you finished the nursery yet? .


Holly - August 30

So I have to say something because this is getting ridiculous. I am going to get straight to the point & I do not mean to offend. brucen, I think everyone is trying to tell you (possibly in a forceful tone) that in some posts you somewhat elude to the fact that others are wrong about something or that you have all the right answers. Maybe the problem is you are all getting your answers from different places so whose to say anyone is right or wrong. brucen instead of correcting people or contradicting them you should just try to stick to your opinion w/o making it sound like your opinion is a fact. Others might take it a little better.


brucen - August 30

Holly I really appreciate your post. It's refreshing to see someone who can state their opinion in a clear and concise manner. My orginal post didn't start out as my opinion but were the finding from various sources. Anyone is free to post whatever they like. I chose to post things that are factual to questions that ask for facts--rather than my opinion. It is not my concern that some people become offended by this, or take it personal. That is an issue within themselves that they should work on. I only want to offer info or at least ways of finding out more info on your own. It is up to the reader to take it or leave it.



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