Multiple Follicles

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KimMcCloud - January 14

Yeah I'm the dummy to all this pregnancy stuff. The FIRST time I ever heard anything about a follicle was when the Doc called me on Dec 12th. After I had an ultrasound one of her exact statmements were "You had some Very Large Follicles" I don't think you should be alarmed it just means you're about to ovulate any second. Now I was already pregnant when I had this Ultrasound because I am almost 4 months. So here is my dummy question...Does this mean I already ovulated and she could see where the eggs came from? Also is it normal to have several large follicles in both ovaries at the same time? Does this expalin why I feel like there is 5 in there because their could be?


KimMcCloud - January 14

Okayyyy Got this off the internet. So is this suppose to happen in both ovaries at the same time? An ovarian follicle is a small sac (cyst) on the ovary. An egg matures inside of the follicle. When the egg is mature, the follicle bursts open and releases the egg.


sahmof3 - January 14

She said that you were about to ovulate when you were already pregnant? I've never heard of that. You're not supposed to ovulate while pregnant, so I'm stumped as to why she said that. I have had early u/s's though where they could see a luteal cyst... a cyst where the egg came from... and they could tell from the u/s which side I had ovulated from just before becoming pregnant. Anyway, no it's not supposed to happen from both ovaries at once... they are supposed to switch every month. However, I'm not sure, but I do think that it is possible to ovulate from both at the same time (which would mean multiple eggs)... and it can also happen that one ovary releases multiple eggs... increasing your chance of multiples. Did she say if all of the follicles she saw were on the same side? Interesting. Well, keep us posted and good luck with your baby (babies??) :-)


jendean00 - January 14

I have never heard of ovulating while PG. I did however have 4 mature follicles when I concieved two from each ovary. But I was on fertility clicnic and on fertilty meds to cause that. From my expierence it was very painful having more than one and them being so large. I would for sure call back and see if this is normal.


KimMcCloud - January 14

Maybe that's my problem...hcg didn't show up in me until 7 days ago and I'm 13-14 weeks. I read somewhere that hcg is only to keep your body from ovulating while it's pregnant. But this was my report..I just typed what the paper says about my Ultrasound on Dec. 12th REASON FOR EXAM - Pain STUDY- US-PELVIS NON-OB 76856-TRANSVAGINAL US Clinical Indication- Thirty-four year old female with bleeding for 3 weeks. US PELVIS- Discussion- Transabdominal, followed by transv____al study was performed. The transv____al study was performed to better evaluate the endometrial strip and ovaries. The uterus measure 8.6cm long by 4.4cm x 6.0cm transverse. The endometrial stripe measures 6mm. The uterus demonstrates homogeneous echotexture. The right ovary measures 2.4cm x 1.7cm x 2.7cm and demonstrates multiple follicles. The left ovary measures 2.8cm x 1.8cm x 1.9cm and demonstrates multiple follicles. Both ovaries demonstrate flow on Doppler evaluation. There are no suspicous adnexal ma__ses or free fluid. IMPRESSION- Pelvic ultrasound is within normal limits.


SaraH - January 15

You should not ovulate when you are already pregnant. Your hormones control ovulation (folical production), which when you are pregnant the hormone changes should prevent ovulation from occurring. As far as multi folicals, that is common during ovulation. Normally only 1 egg ends up being mature enough to release, but non-identical twins occur when more then 1 egg is released (like wise triplets and other multi-baby pregnancies. This is why fertility drugs often end up in more then 1 baby; they can cause more eggs to mature and be released). At 4 months pregnant, the folicals that the egg you released and got pregnant w/ should no longer be apparent. The folical only lasts for a few weeks after conception and maintains hormone levels for the pregnancy until the placenta can take over the hormone production. I would ask your doc to clarify and explain all this too you, b/c as said, you shouldn't ovulate while pregnant ---this is why you don't get pregnant w/ another child when already pregnant.


sahmof3 - January 15

Did your u/s show the baby? And how did it look. In your original pst you said you are 4 months and the u/s was a month ago, which would have put you at 3 months, so you should have been able to have a clear pic of the baby. But your lastest post says 13-14 weeks, which I believe would still be in the 3 month range, I think, so your u/s a month ago would have been earlier than 3 months, but still should have been far enough along to see something. If they did see a baby and healthy heartbeat, I guess that would be good, but if there's been no mention of seeing a baby, plus you never had any HcG until 13-14 weeks pregnant, I'd question your doctor as to if you are really pregnant or not. Or possibly switch doctors. With all of my pregnancies, even my miscarriage, my levels were in the 1,000s and 10,000s by just a few weeks pregnant. Well, I hope that everything is ok, it just seems like what they are telling you doesn't add up!


KimMcCloud - January 15

"I'd question your doctor as to if you are really pregnant or not." Now this I don't have to do..LOL. I am definitely pregnant. I can feel fetal movement everywhere. Also I have 5 children and been through all this c___p before. They have been been extrememly negligent in their findings and have never really listened to me. I got pregnant in Oct. No ifs, ands, but, and supposes. And YES they should have saw something in the Ultrasound on Dec. 12th. There was no baby seen.


sahmof3 - January 15

That is puzzling! Wow. Well, hope all is well and you can soon get some answers :-)


DownbutnotOUT - January 15

KimMcCloud it sounds like ur not 13-14 weeks preggers, i didnt have a + until i was 14 1/2 weeks with m y son but sure enough a u/s showed him in there. on official u/s reports they HAVE to list every possible abnormality such as enlarged uterus which yours is within normal limits. if you were 3 months preggers they would see something which they didnt so your + pregnancy test must be frequent so with the u/s report making you in the early first tri not 2nd tri.


SaraH - January 15

KimMcCloud, if there was no baby seen on the Dec 12 u/s then something else is going on. It is impossible, unless perhaps you're u/s tech was a complete baboon who didn't have a clue what they were doing (and even at that you'd think they'd be able to tell if they were looking at a baby unless they were u/s your stomach or something instead of the uterus –which if they are incompetent enough to miss a 2+ month pregnancy, then they’d probably be incompetent enough to u/s the wrong part of you-), to not have seen a baby during the u/s at 2+ months. The baby/fetal sac should be visible by about 3 weeks after conception (about 5 w). If you were 2 months pregnant then they would have had to have easily seen the baby --if not then there is some major major concerns going on. I mean for you to be 2+ months pregnant at the u/s, there has to be a visible 2+ month old fetus in there. Conception and the fallowing cell divisions and growth only occur in a specific manor and w/in a proper time frame, otherwise they will not grow into a "baby," and you'd end up m/c'ing (probably very early on) the mis-divided/non-growing cells. Even if there was a minor mishap w/ the cell division/growth that the baby would still be okay with, you'd still have to be able to see the baby. There is just no way around it. For you to actually be 2+ months at the u/s and for them not to see the baby doesn't make any possible sense. The baby has to be visible by that pt. I would really call and demand some info from the doctor. What did they tell you at the u/s, about the fact that they couldn't see the baby? Any doc I know of would have said 1) you aren't pregnant (at lest not anywhere near 2-3 months) and we’ll have to wait and see what's going on, and 2) that they possibly wanted to run some tests to figure out what was going on w/ your body. Not seeing a 2-3 month old fetus just doesn't make any possible sense. If there is a baby in there it has to be visible.


KimMcCloud - January 16

"complete baboon" is what she was. She really didn't want to do the U/S. There is No Ifs, Ands, Buts, or Supposes that I was pregnant then. I knew I was pregnant in November let alone Dec. Well I'm showing now and I feel fetal movement everywhere. I have my first actual prenatal vist_t on the 23rd at the OB/GYN. They are going to take all the reports..negatives..and things. I'm sure they will schedule another U/S and hear heartbeats by now. Because there is definitely beyond a shadow of a doubt more then one baby in there.


time4more - January 16

so weird how these things happen.....nothing is set in stone... while it's true that youre not supposed to ovulate when you're preg, it does happen .... i have a cousin that has fraternal twins conceived a month apart and a close friend of mine that has fraternal twins conceived days apart...she has actually been told that she ovulates more than once in a there is definitely an exception to every rule. Kim I am so curious about how many you've got in there!!! One more week till that appt!


sarahgirl30 - July 13

I know this thread is like 2 years old, but I can't help but post anyway. Kim- your u/s tech would have seen a baby if you were pregnant. Don't be ridiculous. If you didn't get a pos until 7 days ago, then you're probably around 4.5-5 weeks pg, which is really early, maybe too early to see a baby. Time4more- it's biologically impossible for twins to be a month apart. That's just absurd. A few hours apart, maybe. But days or months? Nope, not possible. Ask any reputable OB or RE, and they'll tell you the same thing.


time4more - July 14

sarah, they were born the same day... but they were CONCEIVED a month apart. And yes, my OB has agreed that while it is not supposed to happen that you ovulate while pregnant, that it is possible.


SoReady - July 20

sara & time - Women can get prego when that are already prego. I have heard of several women having 2 uteruses even without knowing it. While 1 uterus is carring a baby (cervix sealed with the mucus plug); the other can still be open with a very real possibility of getting prego a secong time.



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