Multiple Personalities

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Angela - March 30

I have only one name on this site, but I would like to hear from all of you with mutliple personalities. Let this be a thread where our alter egos come to life and kick ass!


nancy) real name - March 30

you got problems


michelle - March 30

Angela, I'll create one just for you! LMAO


Fabrice - March 30

Hi, this is the Frenchie from the Bachelotte and ... I think I am pregnant, please help. I have never had AF visit me - so can it be, can I be really preggers? Voila!


Julia - March 30

as in Roberts! I recommend you to each of you to have twins, singletons are so boring. If you want my secret to get twins please write me: [email protected] I love you all!


Martha - March 30

Julia Roberts for real???????


To Martha - March 30



La Rae to Julia - March 30

Now see....I wouldn't mind having twins. But quite frankly, I'd be happy with just ONE MORE child before I get too old! You have been 'Doubly' blessed and I would LOVE to know your secrets as to how to deal with twins, because dealing with one is definitely hard enough, let me tell ya'. (but then you wouldn't know that, because you have two - so that's irrelevent at this point and juncture, ain't it?) LOL


Martha - March 30

Nnnnnnno! Not Stewart. Just Martha. Just Martha wondering if it's really Julia Roberts who posted...


Julia - March 30

Of course it is me, why would it not be so?


Liv - March 30

Julia recommended me this site - very nice, girls. Congratulations! Rock on!


La Rae to Tyler...I mean Liv - March 30



Martha to Julia - March 30

Welcome aboard. If it's really you, you should know that you're awesome. Do you have any advice for us?


Julia - March 30

Oh, boy ... I have many things I can share. I will concentrate on one topic - diapers. I use cloth diapers and love them! I will recommend them to all.


Martha - March 30

What about sleep? Do you get any? I can't imagine having two. My son is almost 3, and he alone was a handful. I'm trying for #2, and my dh would love twins, but I can't imagine a double-dose of sleep deprivation!


Julia - March 30

Well, we have a nanny that takes care of them at night and when I am away. I b___stfeed and pump milk early in the evening for the night shifts. My angels are my life!


Martha to Julia - March 30

My son is my life too. I'm grateful every second of the day. Don't take one minute for granted; they grow really fast. I miss those days of being able to do EVERYTHING for him. He's become a really independant boy, but he's always going to be Mommy's boy.



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