Mum Very Upset Because I M Pregnant

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Mel - August 18

I'm four and a half weeks pregnant and wasn't planning on telling any one yet. But I blurted out last night to my mum that I am, and she couldn't stop crying and saying she wishes id waited a few years. me and my partner are very happy but i cant help feeling a little guilty that I'm upset my mum. i dont want to say to her "deal with it" because me and my mum are so close and i dont want to ruin our relationship. what can i do?


soleil - August 18

Im sure she will get over it eventually. When I told my mother she was upset also. She began crying because she wanted me to wait until I was finished with college and was upset because she just doesnt want me to struggle you know, but that pa__sed. She was very supportive during my pregnancy and she is very happy with her grandaughter. Still when she sees me doing like 20 things at once, she says "you see what i meant". Give her time to think, im sure she will come around and start being all excited about the baby as you move further along in your pregnancy.


S - August 18

Mel, I know this doesn't help your situation but when i found out i was pregnant, my family practicaly disowned me....My dad and mom wouldn't speak to me for months. I'm 36 weeks pregnant now, and they are very excited!!! I think it just takes time for them to get over the initial shock of it all. I'm sure your mom will turn from shocked and upset to exicted in time!! Good Luck.


Mel - August 18

Thank you. I just have such a strong relationship with my mum and i hate to see her so upset. My partner says she should just get used to it. but i feel like she's dissapointed in me. im not going to go back on my decision but i just wish she could be happy for me. mel


*Ashley* - August 18

Now i am really scared to tell. i don't want my mom to cry :( i am now 7 wks 3dys. I know she would be mad and upset, but cryin that would make me cry. However i kno the sooner u tell them they have enough time to get over it. i am 20 and i kno she would want me to finish school.


diana - August 18

how old are you? were you planning on having a baby with your partner? once you are further along and actually havit the baby your mom will be all over you and the baby. she will be so excited, so i wouldnt worry about it too much. she just needs to get use to the idea of it all. good luck!!!!


miranda - August 18

As soon as she sees her grandchild she'll forget all about being upset.


N - August 18

exactly.. when that baby comes your mother could never be dissappointed. Once she sees what a beatiful person you created (and indirectly, so did she), she will be so happy.. or just take her shopping for newborn clothes.. she'll melt.


kEEKEE - August 18

Honestly it depends on your age. You mom may be disappointed if you are a teen. I would be. Give her time and space. She will eventually get over your pregnancy and become excited about being a grandmother. Only time will tell. Take care


Lisa*9 - August 18

I agree with what everyone said? To N shopping for baby clothes made me ROFLMAO!!!!


?? - August 18

what does ROFLMAO mean?


tiffani~76 days to go!! - August 18

ROTFLMAO = Rolling on the floor laughing my a__s off



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