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Julie - April 23

What does a pregnant bellly feel like? Especially the first trimester. I know it's supposed to get hard, but is it like a basketball hard? Or is it a little mushy than hard underneath? My belly is hard but, it's under about an inch or two of belly fat.


April - April 23

It probably depends on what you started with... was your stomach flat to begin with? or did you have a little bit of belly fat? because you have to remember that your uteris is expanding underneith all that... so the belly fat you already had would be on top (or at least for a while) my belly alternated... sometimes it felt basketball hard... sometimes it's a little mushy... but it's not like a "fat roll" mushy... it's more firm than fat... hard to explain.. haha


Julie - April 23

Thanks for responding, well, if I am pregnant, I'm very early on. When I sit down I still get rolls (3 to be exact). And I can still suck in. I have somewhat of a flat stomach, except for my "problem area" which is my lower abdomen. It just seems to be larger than normal and harder underneath than normal. Now if I was just gaining weight, I would be gaining it everywhere, right? I do not have any weight gain on my hip bones, just in the middle and below my belly b___ton. So where my belly is starting, I have lines that outling (indent) my belly. Does that make any sense? LOL


April - April 24

yeah that makes sense.. that's how my belly is right now.. well i'm sure mine's a lot bigger than yours... but the top of my stomach is still semi-flat.. and my lower belly sticks out from my hips and you can see the distinct line.. and you're right... most likely if you were gaining weight you'd be getting some fat around the back area too AKA "spare tire" and usually your stomach wouldn't be hard underneith... but that doesn't neccessarily mean that you're pregnant, because other things can cause your stomach to bloat out a little... like an excessive amount of gas (i think they call it gastritis.. i had that once... made my stomach bloat out).. and a few years ago my cousin's stomach was harder and sticking out further than usual (she's tiny.. weighs 94 pounds).. we were thinking she was pregnant, but she wasn't.. it was just something else... are you having any other symptoms?


Julie - April 24

April-I am having other symptoms but I am also on birth control and I had my period last month. Who knows if it was normal or not, I NEVER pay attention to that, I just wait until it goes away. I know I do tend to forget taking my pills every once in a while so who knows if I forgot two or three last month or a couple months ago. And I did take a pregnancy test about a week ago and it was negative. I am supposed to get my period in two or three days. My b___sts were INCREDIBLY sore last month in the middle of my cycle and than went away. Now my b___sts are sore again but not that bad, and they've been like this since the middle of my cycle also, for a little over 2 weeks now. Normally with my period they just hurt right before I get it. I've even had clear and some milky white discharge from my nipples. My other symptoms include headaches, some cramps down below, extremely fatigued (going to be at 9:00), stretch marks on my b___sts, I can see my veins at my hips and upper thighs, and constipation. I know this is long and thank you for bearing with me. I know with the pill and the pregnancy test and the fact that I got my period it doesn't sound pretty promising. But I really feel like I'm having symptoms, and I'm getting a tummy, where'd that come from? I guess I'll just wait the next few days and see what happens with my period.


April - April 24

yeah... with those symptoms it DOES sound like you're pregnant... and i think the pregnancy test would show negative either way because you might not have enough of the hormone in you yet for it to detect anything... (also keep in mind that some women show negative over and over even if they ARE pregnant.. like my aunt did with her daughters) but your best bet is to just wait it out... see if you get your period... and if you don't.. take another test a few days after your period is supposed to end..


- - April 24

I had a mushy belly too. My stomach was fairly flat before but I had that little pad of fat. It started to get a harder at about 19 weeks for me. Now I'm nearly 21 weeks and it feels hard and round when I'm standing but mushy and kind of flabby looking when I sit down.


Michelle - April 28

Hi - I'm 9 weeks and have gained about 4-5 lbs so far. My husband pointed out that my belly is popping out a bit more and is rounder. I started off at a normal weight with a relatively flat tummy with the normal pad of fat near my navel. Now, when I stand, my tummy feels soft for a 1/2 inch and then gets hard underneath. I find that my tummy sticks out more as the day progresses, which entertaining and weird! When I sit, my belly does feel mushy, which makes me think that maybe this roundness is all fat! Anyhow, I'm curious to know if anyone else has had the same experience .... are we really showing or is it just some extra fat? I'm inclined to think that I am showing since I tend to gain weight in my b___t and stomach at the same time and this time, it seems as if only my belly is expanding!!


Melanie - May 16

I really don't know if I'm pregnant or not. I've taken 2 pregnancy tests, both negative, but my period has not come in about 1 1/2 months. My lower belly is protruding more than usual and I can't suck it in. I feel like that's my only symptom - I'm not fatigued, my b___sts aren't sore, nor do I have nausea. Should I get a blood test to be sure or does it seem that I have nothing to worry about and maybe I'm just bloated?


April - May 16

Melanie... I would get a blood test... because that's a long time not to have your period... and my aunt kept having negative tests too when she was pregnant with her girls... so it's definately possible... oh and my ex's sister and mom didn't get morning sickness either


CRod14 - March 26

What is a pregnant belly suppose to feel like it and look like? I'm not sure if I'm pregnant but the lower part of my stomach sticks out like I am. When I stand up it looks like I'm pregnant but when I lay down it flat and the lower part of my stomach is still sticking out. Help?


WifeyMcGee - June 16

Julie... were you pregnant? I am having weird symptoms like lactation, random waves of nausea that go away after a few minutes, two super light periods in a row (i am very predictable and have never had a light period in 17 years, growing belly and breasts, blue veins running from shoulders through breasts down to pubic bone and through to my feet!! I would be between 8-12 weeks if I am but I am still getting negative tests. I also have a hard spot just above my pubic bone that feels harder than normal (c section 21 months ago so a little scar tissue)but I never noticed it being this hard before. when I stand it is really hard an inch above my scar and is about 3 inches wide but it goes away when I lay down? I have had hormone tests done (because first symptom was lactation) and they were all normal??? Doctors have no clue.... im waiting on an ultrasound... does this sound like anything anyone has experienced? even just feedback about the scar situation? should it be that high and hard... sorry for going on and on but im not getting answers and doctor google keeps telling me i have a tumor lol


Trinichild33 - June 30

Hi wifey McGee according to your obvious symptoms it is possible that you have an underlying problem which may or may not be linked to a tumor but if you are not pregnant I urge you to visit the nearest cancer clinic and have them check you out thoroughly, I'm sorry to be so blunt but you are experiencing mainly all of a dear friend of mine symptoms while we were thinking it was pregnancy it was the opposite she died almost three months after. Good luck to you if you are pregnant :-)


WifeyMcGee - June 30

Hi Trinichild 33.... do you know what was wrong with your friend?


Trinichild33 - June 30

Didn't get all the info on her entire case but she was lactating and all the happy symptoms of pregnancy only to learn she had multiple cancer cells located in various parts of her reproductive areas causing mimic symptoms of a pregnant woman


WifeyMcGee - June 30

ok thank you... I will keep that in mind :)



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