My And My Sister Are Pregnant

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jojo - August 16

i am 19 and I am have been married for a year to a great guy my parents (for some reason) dont really like. i dont know why, his is very nice to me. i am in college. I was always the good child who made good grades and stayed out of trouble. ok my sister is 17 and has been screwing around with alot of guys within this past year. she has been in a lot of trouble, stealing money, running away, hit and run accidents, hot checks, no need to go on. she got pregnant 1 week after I did. she doesnt know who the daddy is. i told my mom first that i was pregnant and she seemed really happy, well 5 days later little sis comes out and says she is pregnant too. now my mom is sooo happy for her. she told her she would rather little sis be pregnant than me. she wishes i wasn't pregnant at all. i have been trying to get pregnant for a year., she is going all out for my sisters baby. getting a second job to save money, makinga blanket for it. my mom is a major chainsmoker and i told her that i dont want her babysitting my baby because her house smells like smoke, i dont want the baby around smoke. i dont smoke and neither does my husband. my pregnant sis even quit smoking now that she is PG. well it really hurt my moms feelings that i wont let her babysit and she said i was overprotective and I was only 6 weeks pregnant. like that wasn't anythign. i told her that i didn't have to be 2 DAYS pregnant to love my baby more than anything. i told her to stay away from me and my baby. am I wrong? why would she support my sister and not me? i am married. all our lives our whole family has revolved around my sister, it has ALWAYS been her, her, her. she is very spoiled. what do i do? me and my sis are due within a week of each other. this has caused a family feud.luckily everyone is on my side. me and my sis are REALLY close. how come my mom isn't on my side too? how come the support couldn't go out to both of us


kellie - August 15

I feel for you I hope that things work out I have never been in a situation like this execpt for the fact that i have been the one that my mom was not so happy for because i was 18 when i had my first yet i was not married. seems like she may think that your sisters baby will straighten her act out some or maybe she thinks that you should finish college first i dont know The important thing is that you have to stand your ground for your child now or your mom will walk all over you Believe me i have had that happen. YOU have to stand for what you believe in if you dont want your child around smoke then you have that right my husbands mom stopped smoking when she found out we where expecting our first baby together because she wanted to be around for her. i dont know the whole story but it seems like your mom has always been for your sister and her world revolves around her Maybe because she has been the one to get into so much trouble i dont know what it is with parents that pay more attention to the ones that do wrong instead of the ones that do right Where did she go wrong? if you would like to chat e mail me at [email protected] i would love to be able to help you understand it sounds like we might have mothers that are about the same and i am 25. my mom has been about the same way my whole life expecially since i got married she does not care for my hubby either Good luck


jojo - August 15

my sister is still in school also. she just started her senior year.


jojo - August 15

thanks for your response kellie


Helen - August 15

It sounds to me as though your mum resents you for flying the nest. Your mother sounds like the type of person that would hate your husband even if it were Brad Pitt! Your husband is the reason you don't live at home anymore. I suppose some mums just can't let go. Maybe your mum needs some rea__surance. Just because you're married and living with your husband, it doesn't mean you don't love her anymore. It sounds like a great opportunity for you, your sister, your mum and the 2 babies to have girly time together. Why don't you suggest a joint baby shower? You and your husband could have your sister and mum over for dinner and you can talk about babies all night long and your mum can get to see what a great guy he is! You could tell your mum that you would like her to babysit but it is really important to you and your husband that she doesn't smoke. Your sister getting into trouble and now being a single-mother-to-be gives your mum the opportunity to mother your sister again. She probably feels left out of your life, you breezed through school, got married and now you're having a baby. I hope things get better, let us know.


Jess - August 15

I will prayer for you jojo.


jojo - August 16

thank you. helen you had a great poiin\t about my mom mothering my sister again. i would love to have a joint baby shower EXCEPT my best friend for 10 years is also pregnant and is having her baby a few weeks before mine and before we found out little sis was pregnant also, me and best friend planned a joint baby shower. little sis and friend arent really close. my mom would NEVER quit smoking for anything. not even to babysit. she cant go 5 minutes without one. i am serious. she has been on drugs a gambling problem that cost my parents their marriage. she wont quit smoking. and she knows my husband pretty well. when she got evicted from her last apartment she had nowhere to go. so i took her in for a little bit. everyweek she had an excuse for where her money went. she would say she was catching up bills or she lost it. several weeks later i found out she had been using her whole paychecks to go to the casino and buy drugs. i was forced to kick her out. she lied to me and lived at my house and ate my food, rent free for over a month. i dont think she feels left out. she lives down the road from me now. we used to shop together and i would see her almost every day before the whole fight.



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