My Baby A Boy Or A Girl

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Kelly - October 18

Predict the gender of my baby! We'll have a lot of fun! Use whatever method you want, chinese table, personal instinct, own experience, etc. It's for fun.I had an Ultrasound, but decided for it to be a surprise. Nevertheless, I'm intrigued! Ok, my date of birth is April/12/1982 My last period was on March 14. Due Date is Dec 19. Conception is around March 28. I have gained over 30 lbs so far. Before pregnancy, I used to eat lots of sweets. Now, I crave more for salty foods. Belly looks more rounded than pointy. Responds faster to his/her dad's voice. I do not carry high or low, it is medium. Urine color is not bright or dull yellow, it is medium. I've had three dreams it is a boy. Might be a mental tricky suggestion though. I do not have a personal feeling/motherhood instinct regarding to the gender. So, Boy or Girl?


Tiffany - October 18

Did you have a lot of morning sickness in the beginning? Most people I knew that were pregnant with girls were and with boys they werent sick at all. I wasnt sick with my son either, heh. This baby though...WHOLE new story lol. Lots of sickness. Good luck!


Hey - October 18

I have no idea, but I'm just gonna say a .......GIRL! :)


jeanan - October 18

my opinion is based on the dream you had...before I had my u/s done I had a dream that I was having a little girl and sure enough that is what we are having...i also crave more of the sweet stuff and a co worker of mine is pg also she likes the sour stuff and she is having a boy....and I didn't have any kind of morning sickness at I say BOY!!!!


lacy - October 18

boy...b/c of the salty cravings...I'm having a girl due on 12/20!


Kelly - October 19

I had morning sickness but not up to the point where I had to throw up. It only happened to me one day during the second trimester 'cause I got a litttle virus from a kid a babysat. Let me see what else I can say, my mother had 2 girls (of course my sis' and I), both she threw up a lot. So up to now, I got 3 pts for Boy, 1 pt. for Girl. My sister says she had a dream it was a boy, my mom says its a boy, my aunt says she suspects it's a boy (none of them live close by to me, so haven't seen me during my pregnancy, just pics) but everyone at college say it's a GIRL!!!!!!!!!. His/Her kicks have been always super quick, nothing like, stretching legs or arms slowly ever, not even once. What would you saaaaaaaaay? Boy or Girl?


M.A. - October 19

Hey Kelly! Does your husband have more brothers, or sisters?


M.A. - October 19

The chinese calendar says boy. Which it was correct for me and my friend this year. But wrong for me last year. Since everyone in your family thinks it's a boy, I think that's just wishful thinking. I've seen people w/ girls crave sweets, and salty. And people with boys crave one or the other. So I can't really go by that. I'm having a boy, and I've craved meats, salty, a little sour, and a little sweet. No veggies at all! Anyway, I have a feeling you're having a girl. I don't know why. One more question, are you'r feet extra cold? Some say they get extra cold w/ a boy, and mine are always!


Kelly - October 19

Lol! He has 7 brothers and he has 4 sisters. My feet doesn't get cold, actually my whole body temperature rises up at night mostly, and I need to have very cold A/C at night to breath and keep a balance in my body. I'm staying away from veggies too, not as attractive anymore. 3pts BOY, 2 pts. GIRL. BOY<GIRL<BOY<GIRL ??????


Jamie - October 19

I say you're having a boy...but are you sure you don't have the mother instinct? I *knew* I was having a girl as soon as I believed the 3rd positive pregnancy test...and lo and behold, I had a girl...


ker - October 19

I say Girl. Also try cosmitec it is a free prediction and is quite accurate.


Nettie - October 19

Does anyone remember the old game where a woman holds her wedding ring on a string over her abdomen, and if it goes up and down it is a boy and in a circle it is a girl? I'm not sure about the up and down and the circle and whether they apply to boys or girls and I'm trying to find out, so we can try this at my daughter's baby shower. Does anyone remember?


Amy: to Nettie - October 19

Hi Nettie. That is actually under the link "Am I pregnant" on the side of the screen. Click there and then "Boy or Girl: Facts and Myths" It tells about that. I think if it swings back and forth it's a boy and circular is a girl. Mine did both..does that mean I am having one of each? lol :)


(m) - October 20

Man! Theres so much stuff out huhh.To try to find out baby's gender.I took the chinese chart and did the string and the spoon and fork one two said I was having a boy.. and one said I was having a girl and found today had a ultrasound and found out it's a girl even thow I don't crave much but like both sweets and I really don't know what to belive I think yours is a belly is to rounded not pointy everyone said I had a tricky belly ...


nikki - October 21

Im due dec 23 "05"..... i never got sick my belly is small and not very rounded, im carrying low and i crave sweets not to much on salt... dont get me wrong salt is good though, lots of movment and im having a boy! = )


t - October 21

what is baby heart rate?


tiffani~11 days to go!! - October 21

It's a Boy! :o)



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