My Baby Is 2 1 2 Mos Could I Be Pregnant

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G - March 16

I just had a baby 2 1/2 mos ago and i haven't started my period yet. I'm not br___t feeding so i'm a little worried because i've never heard of it taking this long? Could i be pregnant or is it normal to take a few months?


G - March 16

Is there anyone who has any idea? Please write me some answers.


rose - March 16

i heard that you can start ovulating about as early as 25 days after giving birth... so even though its not likely, yes you could be pregnant


Nic - March 16

Hi G! Yes you could possibly be pregnant with a baby only 2 1/2 months old because that is exactly what happened to me! It was a blessing because I had tried for 6yrs to have my first baby and was on major infertility treatments so it was a TOTAL surprise to be pregnant again so soon! The initial hardest part was having the babies so close because after the second was born my first was still a baby himself and didn't understand the arrival of his sister.! It was like having twins and was very overwhelming but it all worked out and I am sooo grateful to have them both.! Go take a test and find out!!! Good Luck!!!!


J - March 16

Well that all depends if you've been having unprotected s_x? I know your not supposed to have s_x until your 6 week checkup and then usually at that appt. you and your doc talk about birth control. If you haven't been using anything I would say you could be pregnant!


BBK - March 16

G, I remember reading a peer reviewed journal saying that the time can vary from no time to years. If you are concerned see your doc and ask about a hormonal medication that can jump start your period again


G - March 18

Thanks for the advice!!


Michelle - March 18

Yes it happened to me!!! In 2 weeks my son will be 1 years old and I will have my secound son anyday!!! I went on birth control but forgot one of my pills one time!! Thats all it took.


meena - March 18

your body may just be adapting to your giving birth, it may be that your womb hasnt prepaired the lining yet, however, it can also be pregnancy, you can becoe pregnant the sae month you give birth. the best wayt to have avoided that is to have b___st fed because then your body is in the nursing stage and doesnt vulate.


tiffani - March 18

It's only been 2 1/2 months, it's completely normal for you to not have a period yet. Your body is adjusting to the hormone changes and will take some time to regulate your cycles. Of course, there is always the chance that you're pregnant. Why not take a test and find out. By the way, I didn't have a period for an entire year after giving birth, and I only b___stfed for 4 months. My doctor gave me a pill to start my periods, but she said it wasn't necessary for my health, it just made me feel better to be "normal." Hope this helps. :o)



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