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Lisastar9 - January 26

: I am due to have my third in March but here is this dellimia.. When I found out we were having a boy the only name which came to mind was Steven. Now here is the catch, Steven was my late deceased brother's name who died last year. I know thia baby is not my sisters but her opinion is for me to name the child Nolan first anf put Steve's name second. I suggested to her maybe keep the name Steve first but call the child Nolan all the time, My sister said it would be confusing for the child when writing his name for legal reasons. The child needs his own ident_ty. My dh agrees with her and prefers Nolan to Steve. I haven't discussed this with my other brother either. My Aunt says it a wonderful idea. My brother was only 14 1/2 months older then me. Before he died I would have never considered to name my child after a deceased person, but obviuosly


Gem - January 27

I think Nolan Steven is nice and the child will keep his own ident_ty whilst still having your brothers name as a MN.


KelyFranz - January 27

Lisa, I do think that Nolan Steven is nice, BUT, I can't understand why your family objects to giving him the name Steven as his first name. If I were in your position, I would name my boy after my brother. I think that is a fitting tribute and also, it may be something that just makes you feel better. Boys are named after their father's all of the time and have their own ident_ties. I don't think the ident_ty theory holds any water. I can't know what your family situation is, or how much pressure they put on you in regards to the name, but I feel like I would like to see you name your baby Steven (yes, I know, I'm someone who doesn't know you and will never meet you). I just feel like it sounds like you were close to your brother and that your immediate instict was to name your son after your brother. I hope you end up naming him Steven Nolan. If you call him Nolan, you call him Nolan, I go by my middle name and have had absolutely NO problems with pa__sports, identifications, even my wedding vows when Lynn Kely was said instead of Kely, were no big deal. Maybe you can stop discussing the name issue with your family and tell them it's going to be a surprise. Whatever happens, I hope you get to honor your brother how you want to. Good luck!!!


izzy1052 - January 27

i dont see a problem with naming the child steven... thats actually kinda weird because if i was having a boy steven was an option because that is also my late brothers name... Steven perry... perry is after my other bro who died... but if you would like to honor your brother you should... its your choice.. your having the baby you can name him what you want :)


Bridget - January 27

I agree, you are carrying him and have a solid reason for giving him a very nice name. I don't get the objections at all. Babies are named after deceased relatives all the time. I am named after my great Grandmother (middle name)and my gg Grandmother (first name)Good luck.


LN030905 - January 27

Lisa I think its a great idea that you want to name your son after your brother. Fortunatly, it is your baby so you can name him whatever makes you happy. On the other hand, he is also your husbands that makes it a little more difficult if you guys dont agree. Both names are adorable. My husbands first and middle name is Thomas Edward, which is the same as his dads. We call my father in law Tom and my husband Tommy. So, there are ways of giving the baby its own ident_ty while also giving him the same name. Good luck!


Tye - January 27

I too think its a good idea to name him after your brother who you obviously loved and was loved. Its very fitting indeed. What a wonderful way to honor his memory. Why would people object?


Lisastar9 - January 28

Thanks for answering my question with your opinion,it's my last day for bumping it up I think.


donnablackwell - February 3

I think its a nice idea. And you have to do what you want - its your baby. No one can make the decision for you. My brother also died, his name was Gareth Stuart. So I want to call my baby (if its a boy), stuart. Firstly because I like the name, but also in memory of my brother. I havent told my family, but at the end of the day, its my baby, they shoudl respect my decioion. I hope what ever you choice works for you.



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