My Best Friends Wedding

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nik - January 27

one of my best friends is getting married in august and Im due with my first in september. I will be approx. 36 weeks. I am one of the bridesmaids and my husband is the best man, so it is very important that we be there. Im terrified that I will have the baby early and miss her wedding. She would be completely hurt and devistated if we did (shes already having a hard time with it.) Anyone else stood in a wedding when they were very far along? Also what can I do now to assure I go full term?


livdea - January 27

well, Nik, I haven't been in your shoes but honestly? I mean come on, of course you want to be there for your friends wedding but, having a baby isn't some thing you really can control. I mean really...of course, I would hate to miss my friends wedding and I would be slightly bummed if they couldn't make it to mine but you're having a baby! It's not like you are deciding to go on vacation instead or something that you can really control. I don't know about doing something to make you go full term...maybe someone else does, but I never thought you could really control it. If you do have the baby early it might just have to be one of those things that you guys have tentative plans made up "incase" maybe you can bring baby and have someone watch them while you go stand in the wedding and then you go home early. Just think of ideas that work for you. nonetheless, you can't control having a baby! congratulations and good luck!


izzy1052 - January 27

i think that you will be alright.. just don't stress about it... thats a big no no... that can bring on preterm labor.. so i would just suggest taking it easy a few weeks prior to wedding.. don't strain your body because overdoing it could bring on labor... just stay calm and take care of yourself... whatever happens happens.. if your friend can get mad at you for having a baby then she is a booger :) good luck


krc - January 27

Well if your still pregnant at the time of the wedding see how you feel. Can you handle wearing heels, standing still during a ceremony while 9 months pregnant??? If you cant than she should understand. Or request that after you walk down the aisle if you can go and sit in a front pew. She'd be a very selfish friend if she's offended. Someone still work until their water breaks, so do what feels comfortable. You wouldn't want to go into labor at her wedding...then the attention would go away from her to you. Well....if your gonna be about 36 weeks when she has her wedding I think you'll be fine..most women dont give birth till 37 + weeks. This is about your baby and becoming a mother. Not just her wedding. If you have your baby tell her you wish you could be there and to give you a video but you have something more important to tend to !! haha j/k


Allie - January 28

I wasl also supposed to be in my best friends wedding very close to my due date - my dr. tol dme I couldn't travel after 32 weeks, and that nixed that - she was very understanding and supportive - she said that having this baby was way more important than this one day in her life (I have a great besgt friend!). If there is no travelling involved, you might be ok, but wouldn't it be better NOT to plan on having that major of a role just in case you can not be there b/c of early labor?


Lin - January 28

Just make absolutely sure she's got a backup bridesmaid and a backup best man! If you can't make it, she's sure to understand, but just make sure that her wedding will go as smoothly as possible should you have to miss it.


mom2 - January 30

Good advice so far i think as long as its there near you no traviling involve you sould be able to be there. youll know more and more the further along you get. A chair is a good idea though even if you make it ask about having a stool where you would be standing stools are taller and wont effect the line as much and will keep you more comfortable and able to focus. My best friend was 35wks in my wedding we just had her sit on a stool and it worked out fine but we did have a back up plan just in case. She will understand and if she didnt thats no best friend at all. Oh yeah and LOTS OF WATER that is the best way to keep healthy keep everything low key and dont over work yourself youll be fine always listen to your drs advice and ask a million questions if you have to. Congrats on your little one and to your friend sounds like a memorable year for all of you:)


nik - February 2

Thank you for the advice! Does anyone know of things I can do now and throughout the pregnancy that will help prevent going into labor early or having an early baby? Maintaining a good weight? More or less excersize? An extra vitamin?Anything?


mom2 - February 2 said it in the last comment. Eat well, take your prenatles, and drink LOTS of water it promotes a healthy body and allows your baby to grow the most. Drs will tell you there is no guarentee of course because we still havent figured out how to stop premi labor but as long as you do the things you can controle then youve done everything possible. closer to the weddign i would be a total lazy b___t though:) dont do anything!!! You wont go into labor untill your body is ready but sometimes it can be so close to ready just walking up stairs sends you into labor...but dont worry at 36wks i doubt youll be THAT ready, just be safer than sorry....good luck!



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