My Body Says Yes But My Mind Says No

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wishingforbaby - May 10

Hi, I am 27 yrs old going on 28 and for the past year have been obsessed about having a baby! In April of last year it was like boom- want to be pregnant now! It was like a switched was turned on and now its all i can think about. I have been dating my bf for 3 yrs and we plan to get married soon. I want to wait to have a baby until were married first and i believe he does too but I cannot tell my body to stop wanting a baby. We do not use birth control, except "the pull out method" and I secretly hope every month that i'll become pregnant. I don't go out of my way to try to get pregnant or trip him in anyway, just keep hoping an accident will occur. I think every sign is a pregancy sign...ahh! Just wondering if anyone else is going thru something similiar or if you've also had the switch just flip on and want a baby NOW... please share your stories!


jal239 - May 10

I know exactly what you mean. For the longest time I thought I didn't even want children and then overnight it just changed. I think a lot has to do with where you are in your life and the things that you have accomplished. One day I woke up and realized that I had accomplished all the things that I wanted to and thought if I got pregnant tomorrow I would be just fine. That's when I knew. It was really weird. I have never had a feeling like this before. My DH is very excited about it and we are planning on ttc in Dec. I know that if it happens before that time, then it was meant to be. If you feel this way then you know that motherhood is for you. I am so happy to hear your story and wish you good luck. Maybe we will even conceive around the same time.


Purplehaze - May 11

Hi I know exactly what you mean. I have always said I wanted kids but in the future. Then about 2 months ago It was like I just woke up and wanted a baby. It consumes my thoughts and I can't wait to become pregnant. We are waiting until about September before we start ttc because we are going to the far east (Hong Kong and Thailand), moving house and i'm bridesmaid for my best friend so it makes sense. The waiting is killing me though and every month I convince myself that we've had an accident and I'm pregnant. So your deffo not alone with the sudden strong feelings and the wishful thinking. Why don't you speak to your Bf and see what his feelings are? My DH is excited and say's he can't wait for me to have a big pregnant belly he he. Glad I'm not alone with these crazy feelings :)


wishingforbaby - May 11

purplehaze- i do want to discuss the whole baby thing with him- but last year in June- i could of swarn i was pregnant and believe i had a miscarriage a few days was such a stressful time for both of us because we weren't exactly settled yet with our jobs and apt. I could tell he was not ready yet... I am scared that he'll just say NO...because were not married yet and don't own a house. But who knows when we'll be able to afford a home because the average home price in southern california is over 500k!! I think I am going to wait until after our 3 yr anniversary nxt wk to talk about stuff.


Erynn21 - May 11

Oh wow, you are going through what happened to me when I hit about 29. I always had been like well i don't know if i want kids, granted my hubby and I had been together @ that time for 10yrs. It just wasn't my thing then BAM, one day I woke up and was on this hormone induced frenzy. So this went on for awhile, same thing you're experiencing, I started wishing that oops I'm pregnant, but it never happened. It finally got down to us having a huge heart to heart talk last fall about my deep desire for us to have a baby. I had made it up in my mind that my husband just didn't want this with me, which was both of our faults. Every time i'd mention some friend ttc-ing he'd be like,"Wow they're crazy, "and such...It hurt me so bad, so we finally sat down and talked about it I don't think he realized what had been going on with me, and I hadn't told him, I regret that, but everything ended up fine. He did say we should wait a couple of months back last Dec., but I just couldn't wait any longer, I was like what if it takes a long time,what if it never happens and I'm not getting any younger. It was funny because I actually was fertile around the beginning of Dec. at the same time as his b-day, and when I asked him what he wanted for it he said to make a baby with you. Wow, well that was what happened adnI can say that I'm a very pg 23wks. and this has been the most awesome experience of our lives so far. This has brought us closer than ever it is so amazing, if it's something that you're feeling you need to try and tell him so he knows, don't keep silent about how strong this desire is and try to see if you're both ready. Oh and also there is never going to be the "perfect" time, there will always be a little doubt, I'm sitting here with a big ol'belly and sometimes I'm like what the hell am I doing, then I calm down, there will always be moments of that, at least there are for me. Good luck.



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