My Boss Is Nuts

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Heidi - August 15

So he's all worried how the office is going to go to h__l while I'm on maternity leave. He actually said I could bring the baby to work with a play pen and everything! He doesn't care! God no way! Anyone else's boss giving them grief about "leaving" them? I find it entertaining but yet annoying. It's not that I don't want to work but I need that time to bond with the baby. I said I'd come in after work a couple nights a week after my fiance is home to be with the baby and I'd catch up some work and make sure things are going smoothly. My fiance is taking 2 wks off for leave so I can come back to work two weeks out of the 12 I'm off just because nobody else can really do my job and it's pointless to train someone in cus it's just not that easy!


Evy - August 15

please don't get easily guilt tripped by your boss. I know you feel bad about leaving work but things always work out. I felt the same way when I had to take leave at my last job. Everyone there told me I was irreplaceable and the place would go to c___p. But the bottom line is that once you will be gone everyone will work harder to make sure things go smoothly - you will see it will work out better than anyone plans. And then you will see that you have been working 2ce as hard as everyone else. It is time to give other people a chance to step up and work hard. Good luck!


D - August 15

what is your job?


Heidi - August 15

I'm the administrative a__sistant in a police dept. The only one. I basically do everything besides patrolling! I've been here 7 years and never been gone more than a week. The last person here before me didn't either and she was here 5 years. Before that they had like no technology so I'm like the only one who knows how to do anything it seems. Basically I've got too much responsiblity but it's been taken for granted until I leave. My boss, the chief, can be gone for two weeks and nothing falls apart. I keep everything running smooth. I leave and they're calling me at home for help. Ahhh!!! It feels good to be needed so much but with a baby in the picture, I want to be left alone and will have to put my foot down basically. I said I'd come in during the evenings when I start feeling up to it and just keep paperwork caught up and give myself a little break from being home but that's all I want to do. Plus the two weeks my fiance will be home I'll come back to work. I don't have a lot of paid time off so I have to sort of flex it but they're being very cooperative there by letting me come in a few hours here and there to make up time. Plus when I come back to work January 2nd, I'll have my pay raise. What more reason to come back!!!! Maybe I'll get an even bigger one cus they see how needed I really am. Ha ha! Or maybe not.


Leslie - August 16

you should feel happy that your boss is at least trying to make exceptions and show you that your needed. Mine has been a complete a__s (I am 14 weeks along with twins) he's upset that I have taken some time off, because I have been puking my brains out and is worried about the time I plan on taking for maternity leave.. Take advantage of your employers openess!!!!


Sugarbunnie - August 16

tell me about it me and my dad run our ownbusiness and our office is going to go to hell with out me he is so worried and i kinda am afraid to leave him here alone! and he has a really bad temper so i would be afraid to hire some one else cause he would probably make them cry i have no idea what iam gonna do


zz - August 16

Heidi, you are NOT alone! I am an admin for an airline and heaven help them when I go on maternity leave too... I can't go grocery shopping on my day off without being called for one thing or another. My boss is already worried about my leave seeing as how it's 10 weeks, but it's not until the beginning of next year. It is a nice feeling to be needed, but geez, it can get on your nerves that no one else can seem to figure out anything and give you a break. Let me know what happens as I have a while to go before I have to deal with it, but the questions are flying now. And no, they have no plans on hiring anyone to take my place in the mean time.



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