My Boss Wanted To Announe My Pregnancy

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BL - October 18

I am only due in April, but told my boss early for her convenience. She told her superior and HR. Fine. She had to since we needed a temp and this individual may work out as my replacement down the line. Now she has just asked if she can announce it to the rest of the dept. in a meeting!! It's not a promo or staff change. It's a personal issue. When I start showing, if anyone asks, I'll say something myself (I told her this). I don't think I'm being snippy. I'm a very private person and I've never worked anywhere where something like this was "announced". You see a belly, you know. I need opinions :)


HH - October 18

If she is a nice person, just a__sume she is excited for you. No use making trouble, if there really isn't any. Congrats on your pregnancy.


val - October 18

SO WEIRD, I am also due in April, and told my boss early...HR knows also. I have told a couple people in my dept. that I am closer to or that it has come up in conversation...but other than that I am like you, I feel like if people see a belly, they will know. I am a very private person also. My boss asked me yesterday if she could announce it in Thursday's meeting. She said that some people can get their feelings hurt if others knew and they didn't. But this is my personal business, if I want to run up and tell people I will, but I am not that kind of a person. I don't just announce my business to the world and I am not excited thinking about the whole company knowing. I told her yesterday that was fine, but I'm thinking now I might tell her I would really prefer not to. I mean this is my business, if people want to get mad because they didn't know, then let them get mad...that's childish so I don't really care. I mean when I start showing more people will come and ask me I am sure, or ask each other, and that is fine. But a formal announcement, is that really necessary?? Did your boss give you the option of not having her make the announcement??


Jewels - October 18

I totally agree with you, also its your good news. Why would you want your boss to tell people. Some people just dont think.


To Val from BL - October 18

You are telling my story to a T! My boss gave me the option to keep it a secret from the rest of the dept. And my response was: I don't see it as a secret, but a personal thing and I'm shy about announcements (I don't think I've ever heard pregnancy announced in a meeting anywhere I've worked!!). When it really starts to show :) if anyone who doesn't already know asks me, I'll say something about it myself. She replied back that that was fine. It's so weird to me that I had to discuss this like it was anyone's business (besides HR and my bosses). It really isn't!!


To HH from BL - October 18

She is a nice person, just new at being a boss :)


My opinion - October 18

I pretty much agree with HH. I think that she's probably just really excited about it and kind of wants to make a big deal about it. Unfortunatly, when people get pregnant, and especially in the workplace, some people are just so excited that they don't know what to do. One thing that you may want to do, when you do start showing and and your baby starts moving, people are gonna want to touch your belly, so make a "ask first" rule...Or your gonna get "molested"!!! Don't worry about your boss, relax and have fun being pregnant and if someone wants to be excited for you, let them. It's truly not a big deal..Congrats to you!!


val - October 18

I told my boss this morning that I wasn't comfortable with the announcement, she said that that was completely fine and she wouldn't mention it again. She did say she is really excited because we haven't had a baby in this department in so long. I am so glad I read your post this morning, it's what made me go ahead and say something to her, and I'm really glad that I did now because she was so nice about it! So is she not going to make your announcement now? That is weird how alike our situations are!


val - October 18

I forgot I was going to ask, how far along are you?


BL - October 18

By her tone, I would say she is generally happy for me, but I certainly wouldn't say she is excited. It's not like she's very friendly with me or anyway. Just politically correct. I'm just an eployee. And she loves to call meetings and make announcements. She became a first time manager not too long ago, and I think this is more of her wanting to "handle the department and anything that arisis" situation. In the end, I told the powers that be way in advance for their convenience, and that is all I am technically required to do. It's up to me to share 'my' news with whomever I choose when I choose to. I don't think the whole company has to hear about it.


To Val from BL - October 18

Hi Val, I didn't see your last post before my last post (the one before this one). When I read the first one you wrote, I was relieved too, because I thought to myself, I can't be the ONLY person who guards their privacy. I almost felt a bit b___hy. But after reading your post, I thought, I have a right to protect my news! And I can't stress this again, but pregnancy is personal and shouldn't be announced like a staff change or something. We get told what to do enough at work, in my opinion, without having to be told what to do with our pregnancy news. And I don't mean this in a bad way. My boss is very fair with me. She was nice about it too. I told her over a week ago. But when she brought up the fact that she wanted to announce it in our general dept. meeting, I got miffed. I nipped it in the bud, though, by telling her no, and she was fine with that too. Phew! And I'm onyl due on April (I'm 15 weeks tomorrow), so there's time to gossip about it ;) It sounds like we're both due around the same time!


Amy - October 18

Hi there. I would a__sume that she is just happy for you, but it's your decision to tell people not hers, especially since it's not "business related". I completely agree that you need to be the one to tell people. Personally, I don't think I would have given her the chance to tell anyone because I would have told them first! :) But, it's your baby and your decision to share the news. Have a happy and healthy pregnancy! God bless!


Gemma - October 18

Congratulations. I am sure she is just exited for you but she has no right to tell anyone if you don't want her to as it is noone elses buisiness.


BL - October 18

Thanks for the wishes, girls. I hope everyone is enjoying their pregnancies and doing well!!


Val - October 18

I feel the exact same way, it's just personal and I don't feel like it's something that should be announced at a meeting. I'd rather let the news trickle out, than just formally announce it. Anyway, I am 15 weeks this Saturday, so we are due right around the same time!


To Val from BL - October 18

Hi Val, it's nice to share along with someone who is due at the same time. My email is [email protected] if you'd like to email or MSN. By the way, have you felt any flutters yet?


val - October 18

I emailed you!



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