My Boyfriend And I Broke Up Advice

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KU - May 28

My bf and I lived in TX 2gether until I found out I was pregnant. We decided 4 me to move back to NJ with my family (where I had always intended on moving anyway) to start our lives there with the help of my family. My boyfriend was waiting to go to court to get his past behind him. The plan was for him just to transfer his probation here when he finally got it. Well I moved here Jan 18th 2005, I am 26 weeks pregnant. My bf has not been doing well with the separation, and I think we're over now, he has always had emotional problems, but when we were together they weren't an issue, I kept him sane, now he thinks he doesn't love me anymore and doesn't want to move here!!! I still am living with my sis, i have to b out by the time the baby is born, but my job doesn't pay enough for me to get my own place, and now my bf isn't coming to help, and i dont' get my license till oct. and the baby will be 2 months by then, and my sis is driving to and from work! I am TOO STRESSED, i need advice, i'm scared


Maleficent - May 28

you know the saying absence makes the heart grow fonder? total BS. often, especially with young couples, absence makes the guy forget he has any responcibilities and act like a total child. seriously, find a way to make it on your own. get state a__sistance if you have to, that's what it's there for; to get you on your feet. you need to focus on being a mom. and it sounds like he needs to think about being a dad. if he's going to flake on you it's better to find out now than when your in an apartment you cant afford and you child is old enough to ask "where did daddy go?" it's scary, but thousands of women do it and so can you. be strong. good luck to you.


m - May 28

sounds to me like you're better off without him. (in more ways than one) Be glad you found out now rather than later what kinda person he's turned out to be. Your situation is not uncommon, and although you're feeling hurt right now, time will heal your heart. You'll be wiser, too, from this experience. Best wishes to you.


April - May 28

I replied to your question in the "single and pregnant" forum... check it out there... I gave you a link to New Jersey's a__sistance program... I think that might help you...


to ku - May 28

the universe works in mysterious ways........i know its hard and scarey right now, but this might just be for the best....u deserve to be with someone who adores you and doesn't want to go a day without you.....


KU - May 28

that's how he used to be, he jus can't handle separation like this, he's not strong enough


April - May 28

he needs to be able to make himself strong enough on his own though... he was kind of using you as a crutch...


Maleficent - May 29

it's not your job to keep him interested. if he decided he doesn't love as soon as you are out of his sight then he's got more issues than you should have to deal with. seriously, move on. he might come to his sences, he might not. but you need to be able to take care of yourself no matter what.



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