My Boyfriend Wont Have Sex With Me Anymore

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leslie - May 6

I am 4 months pregnant and like for the past month and half I have not been having s_x..well just like 7 days ago my bf made a comment about not wanting to have s_x b/c he may hurt the baby!! I was like WHAT? are you serious?? I try telling him its ok, b/c so far I have a healthy preg. so its ok(he won't understand)..and then I had my ultrasound this tuesday and then after that he won't even hug me when we are in bed..b/c he is SCARED! and thinks he may squish the baby can you believe that?? I don't know what to do..I need LOVE!


Missy - May 6

LOL - Leslie - I swear we live in the same house but 3000 miles away from each other. I don't get any from my fiance but he doesn't say he worries about the baby - I just don't get any! No explaination, nothing. Whatever - men drive me nuts! What is really terrible is the pregnancy has made me want s_x and has made s_x incredible for me, but he doesn't want it from me!! What's a girl to do?!!?!


k - May 6

my husband is the same way. he swears no s_x until the baby gets here. I am only 3 months and about to die. Why us ladies? Most women don't have this problem :)


Jessie - May 6

My husband did the same thing at first. So this is how I resolved it. I put on some thing that looks s_xy even though I am prego, I ordered him to go into the room and told him, If I cant get any, there is no reason why I cant pleasure you. so......needless to say after a few mins I stopped and just “hopped on”. he hesitated at fist but I looked him straight in the eye and said, Do you really think I would do some thing to hurt our child, please trust me, I need you. If that does not work, last suggestion, buy him a book made for men about pregnancy, let him read it and see if that helps. Also, I know it sounds odd, but I read that s_x actually, if you have a healthy pregnancy, benefits the baby. Due to the rocking sensation of s_x, it rocks the gestational sack and gives it a ma__sage like motion that the baby likes. I know it’s odd, I found it hard to have s_x right after that, but after a while, you don’t care, you just need romance.


Davida - May 6

My husband did the same thing claiming he is on "vacation" now! Well I had to take matters into my own hands last night! After a little tickling and some rubbing he was back "on duty"!!!


leslie - May 6

i think is time to start taking out those babydolls from the closet!! But then I am going to look pretty funny with a little belly poping out! I don't know what to do! Sometimes I wake up like at 7am and I feel like going down there :) I have heard that its great when you do that in the mornings.but then I feel weird 'cause I usually don't do that..what if he thinks Iam going crazy?!?!


E - May 6

My issue is a little different. My boyfriend has no problem having s_x with me but keeps pulling out -where he never did before, obviously. When I ask him why he says its stupid, but that he's concerned about jizzing all over the baby. He knows its protected and admits its weird, is anyone else having similar issues?


lelsie - May 6

LMAO E!! LOL! Arent guys just so funny...they look so big and tuff (sp) sometimes but then other times they are just plain silly!! and get scared for silly things! lol


Trish - May 6

Be glad the further along you get the more uncomfortable it gets and men do not understand that.


jojo - May 7

my husband was the same with our first he said he would be poking the baby in the head. I told him he was not that big LOL. Take him to the doctor with you and have the doctor tell him about it . It work for me . BEcause between 5and 6 months your going to what it alot hormos take over enjoy


nelly - May 7

i kinda wish my husband was like that as far as s_x goes because i dont have any s_x drive with this pregnancy and he asks for it everyday!! it drives me crazy.


Katt - May 9

My husband said he felt like his job was done, and he already did enough damage...didn't want to hurt me or the baby anymore. I got a good d____o and it works for me! My hormones are crazy, I felt like I was in HEAT before I got prego and now I want s_x All the time too...


Marnie - May 12

My boyfriend has not had s_x with me since we found out I'm pregnant. It's really upsetting me because I feel fat and ugly and like he resents me for being pregnant. Starting to p__s me off.


raye lynn - May 12

have your doctor sit down and explain that its ok to have s_x. thats what ours did on our first visit without us even asking. He said, "Its healthy, perfectly fine, and you wont poke out the baby's eye." We have a wonderful s_x life.



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