My Daughter Is 7 Should I Start All Over Again

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Liz - February 22

My hubby and I always thought we'd have one and be done. I am an only and really had a good childhood. Lately I (and dh) have been really thinking of trying for another. I just don't know if I am too dang old (37) or want to basically start all over again. I know I sound like a big old chicken! Life is pretty darn great right now with my daughter being self sufficient and a wonderful girl. Would love some opinions. Best of luck to all of you!! : ) And thanks.


~m~ - February 22

Hey Liz. If you are the same person that posted something similar in my "OMG..." thread, I posted there. Good luck!


erika - February 22

I say do it..... I felt the same way, I only wanted one child and my son is now 4 yrs old. He does a lot of things on his own now. So it made start thinking maybe we should have another one. So now I am pregnant and happy..... I really want my son to have a brother or sister and he really wants one too.


P - February 22

My sister has an eight year old daughter and a ten month old son. My neice has her very own living doll!! lol Your daughter is at an age where she can appreciate all the years she had you to herself and now she gets a little brother or sister too. By no means are you too. The question really is whether you want another or not. Either way it looks like you're in a great place. Good luck!


Mrs O - February 22

I'm 36 and I have a 7 yr old and a 5 yr old. I say if you have and dh have thoughts that you want another, go for it. You will regret it if you don't. Your 7 yr old would love it and be a great helper. I say go for it.


Liz - February 22

Thanks to all of you for responding. I am surprised at the number of "large spacings" I do see. Believe it or not my daughter has never asked for a sibling. I think she likes being "queen B"-ha! I just need to make my mind up and quickly : )


Nancy - February 22

I am now 35 and have a 16 yr old boy, 11 yr old girl, 7 yr old boy and am 29 wks pregnant with #4, so I say if you both want another one then GO FOR IT!!!!


KEEKEE - February 22



To Liz - February 22

I don't think that you are too old. You are only as young as you feel. I alos think that it would be a little easier with a 7 yr old cause she is old enuff and would probably wanna help you with the baby.


tina - February 22

I think either way you are good.


Sm - February 22

I say why not? My brother was 7 when my parents had me, but to tell you the truth i felt as if i grew up an only child since the age difference was by alot. Good luck.....


Celeste - February 23

Sometimes you don't want to mess up a good thing : ) but I do see it alot where I live...big spacings


stephanie - February 23

My kids are 10 1/2 and 12 and I'm doing it. I am now 28. What the heck we only live once and I want a big family. I also miss the fact that my kids can do most everything on their own. I miss when they needed me all the time. I will continue to work full time.


carrie - February 24

You are not old to go for it again.I am 38 w/ 1st! Two of my friends are mid and late 30's too. That's common place where I live in the big city.


rose - February 24

i would definately recommend siblings! i couldnt live without mine! my oldest and youngest sisters are 13 years apart we are all best friends and very very close and i cant imagine life without them my oldest is 10 years older than me and we became close when i turned 14 and ive always been close to my younger one (only 3 years apart) i think 7 years is a nice age difference and also my husbands mother had his sister at age 37...


just like julia Roberts - February 25

Look at all the celevs. They are waiting and having their FIRST in their late 30's.


Just like Julia - February 25

That is suppose to say "celebs." sorry



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