My Dr Scaring Me Please Read

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Rainie - January 13

Ok, I've known for a long time now that I was going to have a big baby, but now I am in week 37 and I had an appointment yesterday. I'm measuring 41cms and my Dr is concerned so he scheduled and U/S tuesday to check on his growth. Then wednesday I will have to have my weekly appointment with the midwife because my Dr is going on vacation all week (grr). The thing is, he's talking about inducing me on the 26th if I don't go into labor before then, but he is thinking that because of baby's size I'm going to have to end up with a C-Section!! c-section is my BIGGEST fear, so I'm thinking why oh why is he going to make me wait for him to come back from vacation to be induced only 4 days before my due date if he is so concerned about the size?!? We all know that if I were to give birth today it would be fine the baby is done developing all he is doing is getting bigger in there. So my question is, since my next appointment is with the midwife instead of a doctor, does she have the power to schedule me for induction herself? I'm really considering not leaving that doctors office until they have scheduled me an induction, I don't care who has to deliver my baby, I just don't want a c-section!! P.S. I am 70% effaced and dilated 1cm, so I'm sure an induction would work well since I'm progressing already. Maybe I'll go into labor early ((I HOPE)). I'm really scared, is there anything anyone can say to relax me??


KM - January 13

being dialated and effaced before hand, doesn't mean could be 3 cms and go in there for an induction and end up not progressing.The c-section rate doubles with an induction.Maybe they have miscalculated your date and that is why your doctor wants to wait.I would wait a coupld more wks before inducing. 37 is full term, but even if they were off about a wk it could be dangerous for your baby.Even so, inducing at 37 wks unless it is an emergency could be dangerous.You need to put having a healthy baby before anything. When you are having a baby you always need to be prepared for the chance of a c-section.Keep in mind some women will push out big babies like its nothin lol.This may relax you: I know a c-section sounds REALLY scary. I felt the same way and my whole pregnancy prayed I wouldnt have to get one.But, I was induced, I made it to 10 cms but my baby was in a posterior position and he was a big one, so I ended up with a section.It is nothing like you would imagine. I had a very positive experience with it.After going 13 hrs of labour and 4 hrs pushing with no epidural when they finally were able to give me an epidural and do the surgery it was a HUGE relief.You feel no pain. and trust me natural labour, is 100000000000000000000 times worse. I didnt feel the epidural when they put it in, but i guess some ppl feel a tiny pinch.The only thing you feel during the surgery is as if someone is poking your tummy. It is good if your labour coach is in the OR with you beside your head and talking to you. You wont even think aboutt he surgery.Also, they can give you something to relax you before hand. and it really does work.. I had demerol and it was great.(although it is not for everyone) afterwards the recovery isnt tooo bad.You cant get out of bed for 24 hrs.but after that they get you up and walking.its a little painful at first, but the pain fades really fast and they will give you medication to help with it. IMO, you are in worse shape after a v____al delivery,if that baby's big you would have st_tches or tears down there, swelling everywhere, hemrhoids so bad I cant even explain,bruises all on your face, aching muscles that you never knew you had.You can even break your tailbone, pull muscles in your back.These things arent uncommon. after a section all you have is a sore tummy. I am going for a planned section for my next and I am so happy i have that option


Melissa - January 13

I just want to add that I had my daughter natural. I had no tearing & no st_tches. She was 9 lbs 10 1/2 oz, 21 inches long. I had an epidural at 9 centimeters before it was too late. The epidural didn't work for me immediately I felt all the pain. AFter I gave birth is when my legs started to feel numb. I was in labor for 18 hours. Its different for everyone. I wouldn't be afraid or worried if I were you. Just remember, you'll be with professionals that can help you through it. Don't stress it. Good luck to you!


Cathy - January 15

Your doctor cant give you a C section against your wishes, if you dont want it then they cant force you. As long as your baby is healthy and not in distress having a v____al delivery should be fine. My partner was 10 1/2 lb when he was born (4 weeks early) and a friend of mine delivered an 11 lb 2oz baby last year v____ally (2 weeks late). A member of an online group I belong to delivered an 11lb 15oz baby only 2 weeks ago v____ally and without any pain relief (unexpected homebirth) She had no tears, grazes ect either. C sections are done too routinely for large babies and are unnecessary most of the time. Many people forget that it is major abdominal surgery and holds more risk to baby and mother than a v____al delivery if they are performed for anything less than an emergency. I am willing to do almost anything to avoid a C section even though my baby is very likely to be oversized. Tears, episotomies and shoulder dystocia are just as common with small or normal size babies so there doesnt seem any point in having surgery that isnt needed. If labour is too painful there is always the option of epidural (which you would have with a C section anyway) Fresh (not canned) pineapple is believed to ripen the cervix, it wont induce labour, just push you towards it slightly if your body and baby are ready. S_x and long walks are also good. Scientists now believe that baby is the one who brings on labour so if he/she isnt ready nothing will bring it on quicker short of breaking your waters or pumping you full of pitocin ect. The gels, pessaries ect wont work if baby isnt ready. Try to relax and let nature take it's course. Apparently bigger babies are easier to birth anyway as they dont slide back as far between pushes so they are born quicker. My last baby was born prematurely at 35 weeks and weighed 4lb 15 oz. He got stuck coming through my cervix and then took forever to push out because his head was so small he slid back between pushes almost as far as I'd pushed him down. I'm looking forward to delivering a normal/oversize baby. Also consider that induced labours are more painful and take longer as your body and baby are not ready, this also adds to the risk for your baby. Induction should only be used as an emergency measure just as C sections should. Babies are born when they are ready and shouldnt be forced out early unless there is a high risk to mother or baby. Also doctors dont know everything, many times they get the baby's estimated weight wrong, your baby could be normal size - even ultrasound scans get the estimated weight very wrong sometimes even as wrong as several lb's out. Try not to worry, the stress wont be doing you or the baby any good. Relax as much as you can and enjoy bump because after they are born they grow up far too quickly. Good luck!


Rainie - January 15

I just want to thank everyone for calming me down, I feel much better now. And from the symptoms I've been having lately I think this baby will come very soon on his own, which I am very happy about I really wanted him to decide when he's ready not me or a doctor.


Jennifer - January 18

C-sections arent as bad as they seem. I will be going in for my second c-section on Feb 22. My first was because my daughters head was too big to pa__s through my cervix. For this baby they are saying that she is just as big and so I will be having a planned c-section


Ginger - January 18

Hello there I too was scheduled to be induced with my second child(not casaerean though) and I was scared to death, and my water broke a few minute before midnight the morning I was to be induced and we barely made it to the hospital, just relax and either way you will be just fine!



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