My Family Dislikes The Name We Picked For Our Baby Boy

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Alma - March 23

My husband and I are expecting a boy in Aug. We picked the name Evan but nobody seems pleased with it. We like it, but now I feel self conscious about it. We didn't want something that was too common nor too strange sounding. Please give me your opinions. Also, we're considering a middle name but can't come up with something that flows well. Thank you all for your help!


Julie - March 23

Don't tell!!!! I remember the same thing with my son we named him Benjamin and some of my family said "oh but they'll call him Benny" like "Benny Hill". That thought never occurred to me when we named him. I love his name we call him Ben and I wouldn't change it for the world. I am also pretty outspoken so if I were you I would say something like "Well this is MY BABY and I will name him what I like and I love the name Evan. I personally adore that name. I think if someone doesn't have anything nice to say then don't say it. Like I said before this is your baby and you get to pick the name this time!


~S~ - March 23

I'm not telling anyone the name we picked out for our baby until the baby is born and we've given it that name. Reason being is, I don't want people to be like "oh? okay?" or have some sort of negative response to it, especailly family. If they dont' like the name I chose, then when they have a kid, they can name it a name they approve of.


Jenn... - March 23

First of all, I think the name Evan is great! I was thinking of naming my son Evan Alexander but ultimately decided not to because his initials would be EAR. Don't worry about what your family thinks, you will never pick a name that everyone will like the first time they hear it.


tara - March 23

I like the name Evan and you should not worry what your family thinks. If you both like then go with it.


tina - March 23

i picked out the name, Summer Rayne (named after my grandfather whose name was Ray) for our daughter. the family disapproved big time. i ultimately didnt name her that, and i regret it. go with what u like, they will get over it.


Mary - March 23

We are naming our baby Miles (if it is a boy) and nobody likes it. But you know what, it is the person that makes the name and we are sure that our baby will be proud of it and it will make Miles and amazing name to our family. Just like you this name it is not too common and not complex either - stick by your guns, Evan will grow and the name will come alive and everyone will love it. BTW I think it is a beautiful name.


BabyTiger - March 23

You can NEVER please everyone-- so you might as well please yourselves :). So, go ahead--name him Evan. If the others don't like it--that is their problem. Your baby is your own and you know he is an 'Evan'. Go for it. ( Do YOU like ALL the names of these people who openly told you they don't like the name you chose? Give them one back if you feel up to it*lol)


Jo - March 23

if I have a boy, I'm naming him Evan Johnathon...I love the name Evan...


joyce - March 23

Hi! the name evan is beautiful. i have a friend with that name, and he is teriffic! it is not common, but that is awesome


Jamie - March 24

Hey, if you like Evan, stick with it. My hubby and I are naming our little girl Serenity - which my mother-in-law says sounds like a "feminine hygiene product" and my mother says just sounds retarded. But, you know what? She's OUR daughter, not theirs - so name your son what you want to name him, and your family will love him regardless.


Leahp - March 24

Hi Alma!! I know exactly how your feeling!! I married into an italian family who think every baby should have some strong italian name as if they just walked off the boat!!! But my husband gave me a break and we really fell in love with the name August for a boy. BUt his mom kept insisting that she really liked Rocco and Giovanni, HAA!!! No way!!! I finally told my husband that we're naming the baby and this has nothing to do with them and I was crying around the house since they were stressing me out being pushy with what they liked!! Finally my husband took action and told them that this was our personal decision and that we would let them know once we make a decision!! They have never said a word since!! I was so proud of him! I know it's hard to stick up to family!


Liz - March 24

I love the name Evan!!! It was one of my choices if we had a boy- Evan Carter. We had a girl though. It's YOUR decision. Great Luck!


Hayley - March 24

I have the same problem, I like the name Theodore for my little boy (due in July), it has always appealed to me. Nobody else really likes it though but I don't care!


nicole - March 24

were having the complete opposite problem. first of all my bf and i cant agree on a name bc any name i really like he thinks is gay. but i mention one night to his mom that i like gavin and he thinks its gay, ever since then the she has referred to the baby as he baby gavin. everytime we come over shes always like " hows my baby gavin" talk about a real quick overkill of a name, needless to say i now hate the name.


Heidi - March 24

So then start out telling them you're gonna name your kid Bertha or Herman and let it ride for a week or so. Then say, oh we changed our minds. Ha ha! They'll be thankful. Ha ha! No offense to the Bertha's and Herman's out there. Ha ha!!!!!!!!!!


beth s - March 24

personally i like the name evan but who exactly are you trying to please?? is this your child or everyone elses



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