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bena12 - August 16

I want to share my feelings with you. Today I am so happy. I want to start my story from the beginning. I was infertile. Then someone recommended me a good clinic in Europe. I was afraid at the beginning. It all goes well at the end. They treated me with surrogacy and I became a mother. Good news is that they are coming near to you soon. The team is soon arranging a seminar. It will be the best opportunity for everyone. Don't miss it. I am so excited. Soon I am gonna register for the event. As seats are very limited. Wish everyone a good luck


monikadavid - August 18

Hey, I hope you are well. That is some amazing news. I am so happy for you. It is delightful to watch people fight through infertility. The clinic you are talking about has indeed proven to be amazing. They deal with everything with great efficiency. When I first contacted them I was a bit scared but on getting such an amazing response I gained all my confidence. I think the best thing about them is that they don't force anything on you. They let you decide for yourself. So when I was deciding about the clinic options they very kindly invited me to visit them for free to make sure of everything. It was during this that I learned so much more about the clinic. The doctors were experienced and the staff was all friendly. Once I made sure of everything it was afterward that I had to make the payment. They had 2 packages from us to choose which were not extremely towards the high price. I like this a lot about them that they try to accommodate all.


erin_wales - August 18

Both IVF and surrogacy are beneficial. However, one should be careful while opting any of them. First, you've to check whether it sets in your case or not. I personally suggest surrogacy. A clinic in Eastern Europe is providing a success guarantee. If you face any misfortune, you can have unlimited tries. You can check them..


erin_wales - August 18

Wow! that's great for you. You have faced harsh times dear. But I appreciate you as you have not lost the heart. I have also listened so much about this clinic. I must say everyone should attend the event. This is a golden chance for the aspirants. All the best for your surrogacy. Love for you!


Milay - August 18

Hope you are doing well Bena. It is such an amazing news. I am also an infertile. Though i get very depressed and decided never to try again after 2 ectopic pregnancies. But my husband' love for kids compelled me to try again. I undergo IUI twice and it failed also. We are now in contact with a clinic in Ukraine. My hope has revived after all these years. 


malmom - August 18

Hey Bena, I am so happy for you. Truly dear surrogacy is amazing. I have tried IVF earlier but it failed. It was not a very pleasant experience as I tried it twice and faced failure. My husband is very loving and he contacted this amazing clinic in Ukraine. They were very welcoming and friendly. We are currently finalizing our surrogate to start our surrogacy.


Ms.Green - August 18

Hi Bena, hope you are fine. Thats a great news.Congratulations dear! I am so happy that you finally made it. Surrogacy is a wonder treatment. It is a rescue mission for many. I am also considering surrogacy. I have already tried IVF twice. Both times it ended up in failure. It also failed me marriage. I had to live alone for a year. Thankfully I am married again. We want to have a baby asap. We contacted a clinic in Ukraine as we heard so much about it. We visited the clinic and loved it overall. We are now finding surrogate to start our journey.


Samiah - August 18

I am so sorry to know about your infertility. Life is the name of ups and downs. I am glad that you didn't give up in these hardtimes. You were on the right path and now you are getting the fruits of your patience.
Yes, ladies, this is really amazing news. This clinic is doing excellent for us. Now we should also attend their seminar and made this a successful event


samanthabill25 - August 18

I am so happy for you. At last, you have decided to start your fertility journey. I am glad that you have chosen a clinic which has a high success rate. They are really awesome. I am also in contact with them Hope you will get success. Stay healthy. Take care. 


CleoMarvel - August 20

This is a wonderful news. I like it when someone achieves the success at the end of long and hard battle. These success stories are what has kept me sane through the long years of trying to conceive. I am also very close to my own success. I am currently undergoing surrogacy in the same clinic you mentioned and the journey is going perfectly so far. My husband insisted that i tr this clinic out and i am happy that i did. We are scheduled to meet the surrogate mother in a couple of weaks and I hope it goes smoothly. We were helped in every way and i am sure the meetig will go superbly. I am just curious as to know what to expect and how to proceed. I am very excited for this!


Augustina - August 20

Hello dear. Expectation you are doing great. I am happy to realize that you are going for surrogacy. That is pleasant that you are giving exploration on the facility significance. Facility assumes an essential part in the treatment. There are numerous great facilities for surrogacy around the world. I want you to enjoy all that life has to offer for this method. I trust everything works out well. Be confident and continue battling. Remain solid. Good fortunes ahead!


Emma07 - August 29

Hey there, Thanks for sharing such a great news with us. I am so excited about this. I am sure this session is going to be very informative for all of us. I had my IVF treatment from that clinic. The clinic was really nice. Their services and packages were too good. I was very satisfied to visit them. Now I have heard that they are going to arrange an event. The head of the English department, Anastasia is also coming with them. So I would suggest those who are facing fertility issues to attend the session. You can discuss all your problems with them. And they will answer all your queries. So don't miss the chance and get yourself registered asap.


Augustina - August 29

Hi Bena! I am really happy for you that you had chosen the best clinic! I can understand your positive feelings! It's the best decision you have ever made! Yeah, I have heard a lot of good reviews about this clinic! Surrogacy is really a miracle! I hope you will have a successful journey! Please do share your story with us! Sending baby dust to you! 



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