My Girlfriends Having An Abortion Help

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sad - August 13

my girlfriend is pregnant and i want this baby so bad, but she does not. shes having an abortion and i just dont know if i can live the rest of my life not knowing this one child (my child!!) i've pleaded with her day and night nothings worked. i told her i will take this baby and raise it. she told me "to bad so sad" please someone help my childs life is on the line here. i really cant live the rest of my life not knowing!!!!!!!!


nikki - August 12

Has your gf told you why she does not want this child? Basically it is your girlfriends choice if she keeps it or not but I think she is being a selfish immature brat. You want the child and she could save that childs life because of it. Your girlfriend is not respecting your wishes. Is there a really good reason why she does not want to have this child, I don't see why she doesn't since your willing to take care of it.Your girlfreind should think about you and the baby before herself.


Nikki - August 12

I forgot one more thing in some countries if the mother is carrying your child and you want it you can take her to court to have it. It is half yourse. Also have you thought that your girlfreind mightnot be pregnant some girls lie to there bf just to get attention and then four months latter they saythey have had an abortion hoping for you to become more attached to her, justmy oppinon.


sad - August 12

when i came home from work about 2 weeks ago my gf was doing a hpt. she showed me the results. we were both thrilled or so i thought. 2 days ago i came home with a dozen roses and a little sleeper, pacifier and booties. i made a big supper for her and everything just to show her that im there for her. next thing i know shes slapping me telling me i make her sick and that she dont give a f**K about this baby etc. she threw the supper on the floor, smashed the flowers on the table etc. just before she walked out she said "this baby will never be.....abortion is for me" then she started to laugh and left. i think my gf maybe cheating on me but even so i dont have proof and im not going to judge her until i do. and even if i was 110% sure she was, that baby whether its my blood or not deserves a chance, and im willing with all my heart to give this baby that chance!!!!!!!


nikki - August 12

This is a very weird situation, there must be more then what you know. Maybe write her a note telling her how you feel that way she can read it and thenthink about it without you there. You are very brave. I think when a women is going to have an abortion it should be the couples decision since how it is both of yourse I think they need to change the law. I hopeit works out for you


Helen - August 12

Unfortunetly the decision does not lie with you. You may have to just prepare yourself for the fact this child will never be born. I wish there were more guys like you out there, you sound very nice! Have you thought of wiritng her a letter, explaining all your feelings? That why you can get all your points across without her interrupting and you won't get frustrated by her remarks. Good luck.


J - August 12

If she has the abortion, please leave her. You will never be able to fully forgive her for doing this and if she does it once, she can do it again.


brucen - August 12

The law is just fine. Giving "couples" a choices would be a step back for women's rights.


lll - August 12



Melissa - August 12

I agree with the others. It takes two, a woman AND a man, to make a baby. So, it should not be left to the woman to make the final decision. Talking about "woman's rights", give me a break, we are talking about a human life here, number 1, and number two, doesn't the father have any rights?


brucen - August 12

The making of a baby involves a man but the actual carrying and delivery is ALL about the woman. To have anyone but that woman decide what to do with her body makes her nothing less than a breeder.


sad - August 13

im going to try writing her a letter. i've actually already started its so hard i dont know what to say. how i feel right now cant be put into words.... but for the sake of my child ill try anything......ANYTHING thanks to everyone for your support i need as much as i can get right now!!! thank you



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