My Hcg

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Lexineli - March 9

Hey everyone my hcg test came and it said 6250 is this good?


sososleepy - March 9

Well, it depends on how many weeks along you are Lex, but yes, generally speaking, that's a very nice number. I'm guessing you're 5 or 6 weeks?


Lexineli - March 9

Sososleepy i got an U/S this afternoon they told me am about 4-5 weeks pregnant is that # still good.


Cevvin - March 9

How did the baby look on the ultrasound, and are they repeating your HcG levels in 48 hours. The number should double every 2 days.


Lexineli - March 9

Everything look good the lady said she was showing the sac that she was seeing and said everything look really good i have an appt next friday they didn't mention anything about doing the hcg again should they?


tk07 - March 10

i think that is a very good number! i went in at about 4.5 weeks and my number was almost 4000 and they said that was a very good number. and all you would see is a sac right now, so you sound good!!!!


sososleepy - March 10

Yes Lexineli, that is right in there where you want to be. There are a lot of web sites that show average hCG levels for each week. They vary a LOT, but yours is right in where it ought to be.


phillygir1 - March 10

ok, i went last tuesday and mine was 1700 and the doctor said i was 5-6 why is mine so low and your number is so high? i am going for the u/s march 23.


Cevvin - March 10

philly girl everyone is different. If your doc was concerned about your levels they would repeat the test in 48 hours. The ultrasound on the 23rd your having will give a better estimate of how far pregnant you really are, as the LMP isn't the most accurate way.


Lexineli - March 10

Thank you all for the good comments am feeling a lot better still worry a bit.


sososleepy - March 10

Don't worry about the number. Here's the average: Week 5 it's 18 to 7340, week 6 it's 1,080 to 56,500. So, you see how very much it varies. What they're looking for is if it's going up; it should roughly double every 2 days in the first few weeks.


sososleepy - March 10

If you'd been under or over the averages, they'd have tested further... You're right in there looking good :)


shakeNbake - March 13

Hi I think i am pregnant, I have all the symptoms of pregnancy, like decreased appet_te, frequent urination, slight abdominal cramps, the dark line is starting to form from my pubic bone to my belly b___ton and so on....but the thing is i have taken 2 hpt and they both read thinkin iit would have been on valentines day when i got it common for hpt to come back neg even if you are pregnant?



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