My Husband Is Gonna Freak Out

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klm - February 21

I am 27 and have been pretty much baby obsessed for the past few years, I talk about them constantly! But my husband and I are not quite in the financial situation to have a baby yet, so I have been on the pill for the past 5 years. Well, I have been having some serious pregnancy signs this last month and I am almost afraid to take the test, I am so worried that he is going to think that I got pregnant on purpose. eeeek!!!


tiffani - February 21

Take a test and go from there. If you were on birth control, you're obviously not getting pregnant on purpose, and hopefully your husband knows you well enough to know that.


dayo - February 21

my mom got preggo twice while on the pill....dont worry about money, if you wait too long, you'll end up spending thousands on trying to get pregnant..if you happen to be preggo now, then take it as a sign and be happy


rose - February 22

my friend had some stomach pain the other day so she went to the hospital and they did an ultrasound and found out she is pregnant!! 5 MONTHS PREGNANT!!! she had no idea because she was on the pill...she wasnt even showing (she didnt show until the 7th month with her first pregnancy either....soooo, it does happen


Maleficent - February 22

i would tell him your suspisions and then take the test together. i cant imagine testing and not warning my husband first. and the money thing has a way of working out. we've always had to juggle our budget around to make room for babies. it's a sacrafice, but it's worth every penny.


klm - February 23

Thanks so much for all the advice! I took the test with my husband and it came back negative. He was pretty good about the whole thing! But listen to this! When I got home from work today there was a message from my Pharmacy to call them ASAP. So I called and talked to the Pharmicist and he was asking me all kinds of questions about my pill like if the packaging looked the same this month, if the pills looked normal, if the pills were in the right order....etc Apparently there is some kind of problem and the manufacturer told him he needed to call everyone and warn them. If anyone out there is taking Apri (generic for Desogen) be careful!!! I guess I will take another test in a few weeks! I have just had the strongest "feeling" this month that I was pregnant, we'll see if I turn out to be right.



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