My Husband Says It Feels Diffrernt Inside

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shannon - April 18

i am 10 weeks pregnant and my husband says when we have s_x he feels something different inside of me,i don't feel anything different but he does and he would know more about it than i do... could it be my cervix that is swollen or what?


tara - April 18

well if by different he means it's tighter that's because there is more blood flow down there and therefore more swollen in places. Because of this some women will find s_x more pleasurable.


jena - April 18

my husband says i'm much tighter - which tara's answer would explain :). remember not to worry about s_x and the baby - it's safe in its home!


Safia - April 18

girl yo have nothing to worry about its just tighter and warmer and most men have said that its fatter and that it a different feeling and thats why its so pleasureable.So take advantage of it mo b/e after you have tha baby you wont be able to get none for 6weeksand its just like losing your virgenitiy again


Karen - April 18

You ladies just crack me up. Love ya all. I agree with everyone. My problem seems to be that my bf is afraid of hurting the little one, everytime we finish he ask if its ok and if the baby is ok. I always say yes and all is well. To be honest I am enjoying s_x a lot more now. Maybe I should keep pregnant all the time HUH .!!!!!! Sorry reality check here I dont think soo I just remember all the other wonderful stuff that comes with pregnancy. HAHA


Lovely - April 18

Ahhh, s_x. ........ what's that like again?


Karen - April 18

Lovely you know the saying goes that the people who pretain are the ones who are. Meaning that I beleive ya getting it all the time !!!!!. LOL


Lovely - April 18

Ah, Karen. Bless your wishful heart. Yes, I am getting it all the time... by my beloved shower ma__sage. (a girl's REAL best friend) See, because I have lost so many pregnancies, and, the last time we did have s_x (so long ago, i think it was when we conceievd) I cramped up so bad, he lost his, uh.. motivation, so to speak. The DH hasn't been able to touch me since. I am not kidding. I cannot get him to, uh, play ball with me for fear of damaging the field, or our star player. How do I get mad at the guy who doesn't want to risk losing a pregnancy by getting off?


Karen - April 19

Lovely I understand completely.I think that is part of the pro with me too. For the first month and a half I got nothing. A lot had to do with my previous miscarriage, we both were scared. We eventully tried it once and now I luck out about once every two weeks. Better than nothing. Have to get one of your best friends. HAHAHA


Lovely - April 19

Forget 'diamonds', baby! Pulsating water spray is where my preferece lies these days!! LOL! (My husband would DIE if he read this!!! LOL!!!)


tiffani~ edd 11/07/05 - April 19

Lovely~ I'm gonna have to look into that pulsating shower ma__sager. We had a scare this weekend, and the doctor has asked me to abstain for the next 3 weeks. What's a girl to do? I'm actually afraid of an orgasm at this point. Don't want to take any chances. This weekend gave me a whole new appreciation for the miracle of life and how fragile it really is. Glad to see your spirits are up. What a change from last week huh? :o)


Lovely - April 19

Boy you aren't kidding!!!! hey... what kind of scare did you have, that you have to refrain for 3 weeks? If you shouldn't be having s_x, are you sure that orgasm is ok? usually it's the other way around! s_x is ok, orgasm isn't... and I need to warn you, those shower ma__sages are pretty, uh (blush) intense! *wink!*


tiffani~ edd 11/07/05 - April 19

Lovely~ I had bleeding, which for many women is normal, but in my case, it was not. My doctor did an ultrasound yesterday and the baby is doing good and had a strong heartbeat. During the ultrasound, he found a unexplainable sack of blood, and to be on the safe side, he recommended I abstain from s_x until my next appointment, in 3 weeks. He said nothing about orgasm, but i'm not taking any chances. I can *sigh* hold out for 3 weeks. :o)


toes - April 19

ok ladies, and especially you lovely, I'm in the same boat but on the opposite side--she miscarried 3 times in her first marraige so I had, um, difficulties when she first concieved out of fear of causing problems. Now we're to the point where she's due within a couple weeks, but we haven't done a whole bunch cuz the last two times we were intimate, she got some pretty uncomfortable infections and we definitely don't want to risk the baby catching anything, much less her. So now I gotta wait til after the 6 weeks after the baby's delived, and I'm wondering if we're both gonna miss out on all this wunnerful increased blood flow I keep hearing about? As an added kicker, now I can't even play with her b___bs cuz they're afraid it could bring on premature labor! :(


Milissa - April 20

lovely you are a crazy chic, and I love it" You remind me alot of myself!! I'm not pregnant yet but I have a son and this all brings back memorys'.. I have been in your shoes lovely with trying to be s_xy while pregnant and it was just all to funny. my husband trying not to laugh will trying to give him a lap dance.. ya lap allright fell right on my a__s! I'm only 4'10 and well at 4 months was pretty big' now for another funny" at 8 1/2 months was at his mothers house for a cook out and went to sit in one of those stupid fold out lawn chairs well it ate me and I fell over! Yes a big fat 8 1/2 mos pregnant girl SCREAMING for someone to help pick me up! Well laughing too! everyone had a good laugh and till this day we all still laugh.'Yes theres a picture' do u think that brought labor NOPE".. good luck girls


Lovely - April 20

LMAO!!!!!!!! hee hee I'm so glad I'm not the only one trying to hold on to my s_xuality, in the face of a burgeoning belly, and failing sadly at the attempt! HA! hee hee... lawn chair! hee hee



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