My Jerk Of A Boyfriend

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lwessel - June 13

ok so im pregnant and my boyfriend seems to think this is my fault...we used the "withdrawl" method...i new that it is the least effective birthcontrol, but anyway thats what we did.... my boyfriend is under the impression that someone (me) could take sperm from a condom or off myself and put inside myself to become pregnant!?! is that possible, i would like to prove him crazy


Athom - June 13

Not to be mean... but if you TWO weren't ready for the chance that you could get pregnant.... You shouldnt have been having s_x. Your not more to blame then he is.


lwessel - June 13

well, i wasnt worried about getting pregnant, i think its a blessing, i wanted a way to tell him that this is not just a is both of us that got us in this position. the way he is making out to be my fault is what is mean.


Athom - June 13

Don't let him make you feel that way..its not your fault... plus God knows, He does everything for a reason, this baby was meant to be. I hope it works out for you and the baby. :) I think even if he's (bf) upset at first he'll come around. Good luck with telling him and all.


mcatherine - June 13

Ask him about when he masturbates and he sees the fluid coming from the tip of his p___s before he actually ejaculates. Let him know that's what got you pregnant.


LadyD - June 13

Sweetie, I have a friend in the same situation, her man started flipping out, left her, and a lot has to do with his other kid's mother. He came around & is now accepting it. II had to go play referee & explain it was BOTH OF THEIR FAULTS b/c withdrawal is not birth control. Good luck & take care of your blessing.


sfrias - June 13

Honey... tell him to do read more. I think that he is crazy, and if he does not think that this occurred naturally (withdrawl is not a birth control method) think very serioursly about your relationship with him. If he does not believe you, the next thing that he will say (and I am not trying to be mean) is that you slept with somebody else. Tell him to check this page and he will realize that your method fails in almost 20% of the cases. Good luck!


DakotasMom - June 14

Yeah, he really is a jerk. How could it be your fault when it takes TWO people to make a baby? You can't just do it by yourself. That's rediculous he's even being like that.


animemom - June 15

yeah he is being a jerk...Any doc can tell him in case he doesn't believe the stuff on line that it is possible to get preg. from pre-c_m


Been There - June 15

He needs to grow the heck up. How childish of him. Besides, I can guarantee he knew what chance he was taking. He's just trying to find a way to make you feel guilty for his stupidity. If he was that worried, he should have worn a condom. Don't let him make you feel bad. He's pretending to not know something he already does know. It's his fault too. It took two of you. Don't waste your time trying to prove him crazy either. Just let the baby come and he'll see for himself.


NURSEJ - June 22

he is so silly, he is the one who had to withdrawl.. but i agree with athom if the 2 of u were'nt ready for the consquences of having s_x u should not have been doing it in the first place.


Rhonda - June 22

He sounds like a total jacka__s to me.It takes two to tango.He should have taken more responsibility.He is what you would call"a pot calling the kettle black".



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