My Legs Look Horrible

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Prickles - September 22

Hi. I am 11 weeks pregnant and this is going to sound really strange but for the last 3 weeks or so everytime I shave my legs I get a rash similar to razor burn. It is awful. I bought new razors and even the most expensive shaving cream I could find and still it happens. My legs look horrible. I don't remeber this happening with my last pregnancy. Anyone else ever have this happen?


I know.... - September 22

It sucks! I get the same thing too especially on my inner thighs. I think it's because my hair is growing in much thicker. My husband keeps looking at the little red bumps on my legs like... what's wrong with you? Now my armpits, that's another story.


rhonda - September 22

I am at 20wks and my hair growth has slowed way down I hardly have to shave my legs at all anymore and I would get stubbley like the day after I shaved before I was prego ha ha lol this just started after I was into my 2nd trimester...maybe the same thing will happen for you too!!


K - September 23

I had the same thing when I was pregnant it didn't start happening to me until about 37 weeks and it was only on my legs and it itched soooo bad.Two days after having my daughter it ended up on my stomach my back and my arms.The nurse at the hospital told me to use hydrocortisone and take some benadryl (neither of which worked) So once I was out of the hospital I went to my doctor and they referred me to a dermatologist who said it had something to do w/ my hormones.He prescribed me w/ prednisone which is a steroid, after about 3 or 4 days the bumps were gone.


A man might know - September 23

use gilette for sensitive skin not gells do not shave side to side or down always up go with small strokes and a mens double blade with a strip on it .


No - September 23

No this doesn't happen to me, I'm perfect. JUST KIDDING!!!. I don't get razor burn, but it's just really hard to bend over and shave. And everything else sucks too, weird things always happen. I can't wait until I just have my baby so my body can go back to normal. At first I thought being pregnant was fun, but I am 30 weeks now and I am DONE. Sorry about your rash.



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