My Miscarriage Experience

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cat - July 13

I just wanted to post my experience because a lot of you seem to have questions on and about miscarriages. I had a miscarriage two years ago it was the most horrible thing I have ever went threw. It started out as a light bleeding, I went to the doctor and they didnt make it out to be a big deal. Well a few days went by and the bleeding got heavier I went back and again they didnt know if it was going to lead to a miscarriage. I was very frustrated I wanted to be excited but at the same time I didnt know if I was going to loose this child. Emotional roller coaster was my exact words to the doctor. Well I started to have cramps and even more bleeding. I called the doctors and they wanted me to wait it out. Well later that day I started to have extremely bad cramps, I was also passing blood clots the size of a softball some were even bigger then that! At that time my husband thought it was best to go to the ER, which we did. I had a D&C performed on me...that basically sucks very thing inside of you out. I left within a few hours. It was an awful experience and I don’t wish it on anyone to have to go threw. I hope this helps some of you with your questions, if I can answer or be of any help just write me!


MJ - July 13

Im sorry to hear of your lost, thank you for sharing your story.


Cindy - July 13

How far along were you then?


cat - July 13

6 weeks


mari - July 13

Hi! hope ur doing well i would just like to say that last year i went threw the same i was about 6 weeks my frist baby it still herts till now and even thow im pregnat agane 3 months now im happy but before this after i lost my 1st baby i asked how long it would take for me to get pregnat againe the doctor told me that it be 6 months to a year before me getting preg.. i waited almost one year this was before my 1st preg and then i got preg..but lost it i know how u feel..i dont know how ur belifs are but i prayed all the way till i found out i was pregnat this year God knows why he does this things and im sure he will bless u soon with onther one i just thought id share this with u cuz i went threw the same well Good luck and take care of ur self ok write me back if u need to talk..........


mom - July 13

It def. takes a toll on anyone to have go threw a m/c. Good luck to all you ladies and babies out there! BTW I love this site.


m - July 13

could they have done anything for you when you were complaining? or was it inevitable? sorry about your loss :(


Karen - July 14

I went through the same thing as Cat and Mari. I was trying for 7 months. I got pregnant and lost the baby at 6 weeks. My doc advised that there was some chomosomal(SP) defect and it natures way of taking care of the problem. Like Mari said it stills hurts. I prayed a lot like her and it helped. I am now 7 months and waiting for the arrival of my son in 2 months. Just to say there is hope after. Miscarriages are more common than we know. Like Cat I would wish this on no one. It was by far the worst experience in my life.


Nicky - July 19

I had a M/C last year at nine weeks. i am pregnant now @ 7 weeks and i am freaking out because i am scared of another M/C. The last one happened because of chromosomal abnormalit_tes. I am almost scared to go to the docotr for the heart beat detector thing because i don't want that feeling again. Has anyone lost a baby lke this and still been successful afterwards? Thanks.



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