My Mother In Law Is A Freaking Nut

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Leigh - September 29

Don't get mad that I'm discussing this; don't like it, don't read it. Yes, anyways, my mother-in-law just QUIT HER JOB and is planning to move across the country, invade my house (un-invited and for Lord knows how long) and make me go crazy! She's planning on living off of a savings account that she basically stole, bringing her creepy boyfriend who looks like a serial killer, and just plunking down at my house when my husband and I are literally in the middle of moving. I'm going to die. Really, I am. How does everyone deal with their MILs? I want to change my name and move out of the country...


Bonnie - September 29

Lol, you poor thing. Tell her You are pregnant and need this time alone in with your husband. Too much added stress and change is not good for the baby. If she can't understand that, her problem, not yours. Good luck!


mariah - September 29

I'm not laughing..well trying not to. I do understand though what you are talking about. Mother in laws sometimes intrude and interfear when uninvited and we just grint our teeth and don't say anything but maybe b___h at our boyfriends or husbands. You just need to not be rude but simply tell her how you feel. You are an adult and you are expecting so anything on your mind do not hold back or els you will me misirable.


Leigh - September 29

I just hate fighting with her; I wish we could just have a normal relationship...or at least a cordial one. She just doesn't understand her son is grown up OR that her daughter-in-law doesn't want her delivering her baby, even know she's a nurse. I'm not comfortable with that. So, what? You move next door and try to force me to let you help deliver? I don't think so.


Bonnie - September 29

O.o She wants to deliver you?? Wow. Just flat out tell her no and leave it at that. You can't do anything if she moves near you, but she will learn. I can't believe she would even try that, lol. I would be horrified!


Sonya - September 29

I am laughing so hard-not at you but with you!! You poor thing. You are gonna have to have a converstion with your husband and have him say no. She just can not move in with you. Trust me, nothing good can come of it. Good luck and stand your ground!


Michele - September 29

You said you guys were in the middle of your MIL and the serial killer going to take your house when you move....what's that about. I'm sorry for what you are going thru but you are going to have to put your foot down.....tell her you will be more than happy to help her look for a place and she can use some of the money from her savings account to put down a deposit on a place to rent....If she moves in w/ you it will really be a strain on your marriage and unborn baby, neither of which you need or asked for...I'm sorry but there is just nothing to do but say "NO".....if she gets her feelings hurt it will pa__s w/ time, but if they move in w/ you there could really be some hurt feelings that will never go away, fighting, lord knows what else....I feel for you, please keep up posted, i'll keep my fingers crossed that it all works out....


Leigh - September 29

I see a huge fight brewing tonight. Not with my husband and I, but with us and her. She is really kind of a nut. I honestly believe she just thinks she will be allowed to walk into our new home and take up residence in the bedroom I am going to be TURNING INTO THE NURSERY. What? Her and her bf going to share a room with my baby? Are they crazy? Beyond that, yes, she is a nurse and seems to think it is her God-given right to be involved in every aspect of the birth. Are you kidding me? I don't even want her in the HOSPITAL, lol, let alone IN MY VAGINA. I can restrain her, yes, but then it is pure hell for my husband. She threatens him, threatens to withold family things/information from him, obsessively calls and attacks me...she is crazy. We WILL be putting our foot down on this matter, but that just means I'll have a MAD old hag stressing me (and inevitably, my baby) out rather than a nosey, bossy one stressing me out. I am trying SO HARD to remain calm, but it is extremely difficult when your MIL calls you, tells you that you won't be a good mother, you're a b___h, you don't deserve her son, she will be at the birth like it or not and that she is coming to live here regardless of anything we say. I just want my baby to be okay, but she doesn't even seem to care she's hurting her grandchild, not just her daughter-in-law.


Michele - September 29

Leigh, i'm so sorry, but this seems like a situation where distance is better. You do not need to be around these people....One thing my Mother always says is "you can't pick your family, but you can pick whether you want to be around them or not". I'm sorry this is just my small opinion, but if i were in that situation and it was as horrible as you have written, I would have to sever all ties....This is only going to get worse, i just feel bad for your husband as well as this is his Mother....You know you can keep her out of the delivery room, just tell hospital staff, god, but what a scene she could make.....God, honey, i don't know...tell her to stay where she is, she is NOT living w/ you...she is NOT delivering your baby...Hold tight, do not give in....she sounds like she might have some serious issues, (mental maybe), this is the worst MIL story i've heard....Im so sorry.....


Bonnie - September 29

Good for you for putting your foot down. Wow, she sounds pretty mental, lol. Just stick to your guns. And just tell the hospital, they won't let her in. My mother wanted to be in the delivery room for me and I promptly said, "Ehhhh, no!" But she understood. You poor thing. Personally, if my MIL called me a b___h, I (and my hubby) would never speak to her again. I feel sorry for your poor hubby too, it's terrible when parents do that to their kids. :(


Sonia - September 29

Jesus! I say turn the lights off and she'll eventually give up ringing the bell!


Susan - September 29

Leigh, I feel your pain. My MIL is a lunatic as well. I think your husband should be the one to tell her not to come. For years I've tried to be the mediator and handle all of the crazy disputes that have come up. Finally I just told my husband, she's your mother, you deal with her. You don't need the added stress. I hope it all works out for you :)


a - September 29

aww leigh you poor woman. I feel for you I really do. MY MIL was like that, except she didnt want anything to do with our daughter she needed a place to stay away from her abusive husband. she tried to like make the place hers HA thats when i told my husband its time for her to go. sounds like our MILS could be related, we moved clear across the country but now his whole family has nothing to do with our daughter and they dont even know im pg again and we wont tell them. she too calls me names and puts me down and it used to bother me but now im over it!! im glad to hear you have a supportive husband, i had to nudge mine alittle. :-) take a deep breath and always remember the number 911 just in case LOL just kidding :-)


Lol - September 29

oh my god, Mother in-laws are hard. I can't imagine what you are going through. My M-I-L, is making a baby's room in her house, she is putting a crib in there, painting the walls, EVERYTHING. Does she think that we are going to give her our kid? I can't stand it. Is she going to b___stfeed also? I am sorry, some Mother in Laws are hard to deal with, but just know you are not the only one.


2 cents - September 29

OMG, i didnt ever think i would find this post lol. I thought i was the only one who just couldnt get along with the MIL. She drives me crazy. I cant kick her out though because its hers and my husbands house. Too bad she suckered him into that before i came along. She calls me names and says she doesnt want to have nothing to do with my child but then secrectly tells my husband she wants to be in the room while i have the baby. HAHA, right. She has cancer and is about to start kemo. She thinks we should kiss her b___t even though she is mean all the time.The other day my husband asked her to respect me and she told him she doesnt have to respect me so he tried the " well im your son so please try to respect me and leave my wife alone" . She had the nerve to tell him she raised him so she doesnt have to respect him. As soon as this baby is born in 4 weeks im going to be out looking for a job so i can pay her half and she can go find another place for her and her alcoholic, axe murderer, pervert boyfriend.


Annoyed - September 29

Leigh, i feel so bad for you. I know exactally how you feel. I cant get rid of my mil. As soon as she found out i was pregnant she wanted to moe in and suddenly was too sick to work. Every time i want alone time with my husband she feels she has to be in the room then she "checks" on him at night like hes a baby. We had to install locks on our bedrrom door to keep her from walking in on us. We even bought a radio to go by the door so when we do our business and she decides to bother us we have it up so loud we cant hear her.I had a talk with my husband last night and we agreed that she has to go. We figured she would say she didnt have the money to put a down payment on another place so we saved up quite a hefty sum and she is out of here in one week. It gives her enough time to get everything she has together and get the hell out lol. I feel like 2,000 tons has just been lifted off my back. Whew! :)


lisa - September 29

I know how you feel!!! My MIL is no picnic either! She keeps making comments about how she want to be in the delivery room. Um, NO THANKS!!!! My in-laws live 10 people to a 2-bedroom house (5 are adults, not one of them has a job), the house is filthy and they keep taking in more & more animals. When I think about my baby going over there and touching anything, I cringe!!!



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