My Partner Is Not Happy About Having A Baby

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Sindy - July 28

my partner is terrified the baby will be abnormal due to his heavey dope smoking and wants me to terminate.


d_ashly - June 24

do you wish to terminate your pregnancy? do not let your partner make this decision for you. abortion has many many things that come with it that you may not wish to experince. is he concerned about smoking that was done before you got pregnant or smoking being done around you since you conceived? its not a positive thing that past smoking could cause abnormalities. make sure that if smoking is done now, that it is no where around you. this is something you must think hard about, are you willing to terminate this baby due to a POSSIBILITY of this side effect? do YOU want this?


Beth - June 24

Talk to your doctor and see what he says. My sister got pregnant and the guy she was dating did drugs in the past, and my nephew turned out just fine. As long as you are not doing anything wrong, things should be fine. Just think of all those ladies who did drugs all throughout their pregnancy, and somehow they end up having healthy babies.


Lilly - July 4

This is your body not his, don't do what is convienient for dude, he should have used a CONDOM. You should be fine I knew this chick that smoked pot and cigs through her whole 9 months, and her baby was great. Don't abort this baby for nobody.


girl - July 4

Hi, Here's my little story. My mom did drugs through out her whole pregnancy and drank. I was born at 27 weeks. I didn't start walking until I was two. my parents found out I had cerebal paulsy. Then my mom put my up for adoption. That selfish lady. I say to you, If you want this baby.. Don't worry about side effects because you'll love this baby more than you'll ever know and hopefully you'll be a better person than my birth mother an look further than the outside of your new baby. ANyways, I am SURE everything will be fine, also since it's you that is Clean! Best of Luck! Let us know what you decide!!


LH - July 5

First, you have to decide what you want and what is best for you. There have been tests that show some babies to have birth defects due to the male doing drugs. But those tests are inconclusive. If you are worried something is wrong, you will have a triple sec done at around 14 to 18 weeks along. This will test for certain defects such as down syndrome, if you want further testing ask your Doctor for an amniocentisis, which is done at around 23 weeks. In the end, no matter what the tests show it is your body and your baby. But for the most part, he is using a very good excuse. Also keep in mind, if is trying to get out of now, then later you may be a single mom.


angel - July 6

My sisters partner was a very heavy dope smoker. She has a beautiful baby boy who was 7 weeks premature but other then that he is fit and healthy and is now 14 months old.


yosari - July 9

look sweet heart what god has created man can not destroy. I am 17 and not in your situation but when you are having a baby you need to think like a mother not like a girl and every one has the right to enter this world no matter what . a baby is one of the most wonderful gift any human being can get i am no body to tell you what to do but just think what if the baby is normal and you could have had chance to meet a new wonder human that came from with in you and was made with love , so do me a favor and just think like a mother that you can be.


brucen - July 9

Yosari--- what about the rain forests?


amy - July 10

tell your partner that it would be his falut for that abnormal but that is not your problem . if you want this baby than you go and have it with out him women do it all the time and you can get help. and i sorry for that way he is acting that is really sad. hope that best for you .


Mandy - July 28

Hi my boyfriend is in to pot and meth real bad. But I have a very pretty and normal baby girl now that is 4 months



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