My Pregnant Girlfriend Left Me Is This Normal

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elvis - November 18

im 17 yrs old, and a teen dad to be. my girlfriend in 11 weeks pregnant. it started brilliantly, we agreed to keep the baby and do this together. she was worried i was staying with her just for the babie but i assured her i love her, and i do. the past 6-7 weeks weve been going thrugh a rough stage. she's been treating me quite badly, and after many talks ive had with people, they've all put it down to hormones. just today, she rang me to tell me she hates me, and shes breaking up with me. she decided she wants to do this on her own and im to have nothing to do with the child. is this hormones? or does she mean it? we've gone from her literally crying because i had to go home, to her hating my guts. what do i do? i cant go on like this? im not getting the reassurance i need from anyone.


Grandpa Viv - November 18

Sympathy, mate! She is on more of an emotional roller-coaster than most, and perhaps questioning her decisions. Has she a history of emotional instability? Are her parents part of the picture already? If you can handle it, be there when she wants you and gone when she does not. Give her hugs when she needs them. Grin and bear it until the baby is with you, and see how it all works out. Good luck!


jennifer_33106 - November 18

Even if you guys cant work it out, you still have a right to that child. If she refuses to letyou see the baby then you can and should pet_tion the courts for visitation. Being pregnant is not easy and it is a scary thing. I think though that women forget how rough it is on our partners as well. Give it time is the only advice I can give you. That and make sure that you are apart of your childs life. GL!!


brennt - November 21

My ex did the same thing, after 3 months pregnant she went back home for support from her parents, then at 5 months said she hates me and that I will have nothing to do with my child. We had a girl, I had to take her to court, now I have supervised visitations which the courts normally do cause the process took so long and the baby 10 months needs to get used to me. Dont worry, its not your fault, Its been a year since she left and I realised with time the issue is her own and not mine. Things will work out, remember as soon as the baby is born if she does not let you see the baby, see a family lawyer in your area asap. You are young so should get some sort of legal a__sistance.



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