My Third Birth I Need An Irish Babyname

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irishandproudofit - June 9

I am a proud, Irish mother from California who visited Ireland last year for the second time. I'm really proud of my Irish anchestry and when I got my first son six years ago, I named him Irish Aiden and two years later, I gave birth to his brother Shaymus "Shay" Konnor. This time it is a girl. I don't know what to call her. I do want an Irish name for her like my sons. What do you think about the names Keeva, Aoife (Ee-fa), Cailyn, Clover, Kerri (Kerry is a county in Ireland)?


olivia - June 9

I knew a girl named Aiofe, she was from Ireland but living in Scotland. She had to constantly say "it's Ee-fa" as everyone said her name wrong. So just a warning on that one. I also knew a Fionnoula in the states who had no such problems, so I guess it just depends! Maura (or Maire), Bridget, Kerry, Eileen, Colleen, Claire. (And-- if I have a girl I am naming her Nora.) Good luck. I do love Aoife but the name just seems like a disaster since I knew that girl. People don't even know where to start when they see it.


Suebee - June 10

Irish...I really like all the names except I think that perhaps Aoife would really be difficult to pronounce? My dh is of Irish backround and if we have a girl I was thinking Aislinn... you can borrow it if you want... LOL... just kidding... I just thought it had a nice flow to it and the fact that it means vision or dream made it really interesting to me..Variations Ashling or Aisling...


Olivene - June 10

I love Irish novels. Here are some of my favorite girl's names from the books I've read. Siobhan (Sha-von). Mairead (Ma- rade) Aisling (Ash-leen) and Dara. Or more contemporary- Adair or Regan. I love Maeve, too, like Bridget said. Good luck. There are so many beautiful options!


Erynn21 - June 10

I really like the name Cailyn, and I am with Olivia, we are having a girl and naming her Nora. We actually liked Nora Kailyn, but that went away because my nieces middle name is Kaylynn, and my mom didn't like 2 of her grandaughters having the same middle name. My name is Erin and that's a great Irish name. I like the name Colleen, but that' my stepdad's ex-wife's name so can't have that, but I really like it. I think Keeva is cool too.


Kristin72 - June 10

I like can femininze it if it sounds to masculine to you to means Brave in celtic..that was my great grandmothers name. Also, it is my brothers middle name.


pbj - June 10

I like them all, but I like unusual names. I wanted to name my daughter Siobahn, which is an Irish name, but we were stupid and asked my in-laws what they thought of it...of course they hated it. I say go for something unusual, but more than likely people will mispronounce it. My daughter's name is Mattea, which isn't that unusual, but we still get the blank stare when someone is trying to read her name. I guess I don't really mind though, you just have to be prepared for it. (sorry, I know they're not unusual in Ireland, but here several of them would be) Good luck


annie24 - June 11

hi there...well im irish and i recommend visiting to have great ones there.we lived in america for a year last year and loved it. didnt want to come home.Ye all very lucky over there...i would swap any day!!!!


KMo311 - June 11

just to give you some daughters names are Kennedy Elizabeth and Morgan Kaleigh. I love morgans middle name sometimes i wish i used it as a first name. any boy name suggestions?


Tanna - June 11

I have a friend who was born and raised in Kerrick (sp.) Fergus, Ireland, and I alway thought that would make for a really cool name!


Lynne - June 12

I like Claire for County Claire in Ireland.


Soontobemom - June 12

My daughter's name is gonna be Brennah (Irish form of Brenda), and also I love the name Erin.


venus_in_scorpio - June 12

I do like those names, alothough I have to say she will get annoyed at ignoramuses mis-pronouncing Aoife all of her life. They are all beautiful names. Iwill be naming my baby Bridgette if it is a girl, Bridget is an Irish/Gaelic rooted name.


ChaycesMom - June 12

What about Ashling, pronounced ashlin. Thats what one of my aunts named her daughter, the family is very Irish.



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