My Wife So Sad Help

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Shamil - May 28

Hello to every people. I am with my wife am making the baby. Please to help me? I am loving her much and we happy that baby come. But she crying all time and think I do not love her. I try say I am. I am the good husband. I am try making her to be happy. I say she the beutiful lady all time. But she so sad. How I making her to be happy? I want that her will to be happy so much. Thankyou.


Karen - May 28

When she is crying just hold her. Knowing your there for her will be comfort enough. Pregnant women are often more emtional due to hormones. It will past. For right now just hold her and tell her you love her. You will both be fine.


ES - May 28

You sound as if you are doing all you can and I hope your wife comes around but it takes time. The hormonal changes are very difficult to adjust to and if necessary speak with her doctor and they maybe able to help.


m - May 28

Go buy her a big bar of chocolate.


Mary - May 28

I feel the same way, Shamil. I cry and think my marriage is over and that 1000 other sad thoughts. My husband looks at me and kisses my tears and tells me he would be so sad without me, he tells me I am beautiful and no matter how sad I get he will never leave me. That helps alot!


Hmm... - May 28

Are you sure she isn't pregnant already? Sounds like her hormones are taking over her emotions :)


Mel - May 28

Sounds like depression to me she needs to see a doc


Beccah - May 30

It's hard to follow your story, is she pregnant, or did she have the baby? It sounds like it might be post-partum depression, which is very common. Her doctor should have medicine for her to feel like normal. Good luck!


Candice - May 30

Just hang in there and keep trying to encourage her as often as possible. Pregnancy is not easy by any means and having your emotions all messed up by hormone changes is just one of those things. She should get better in time. I would also just discuss it with the doctor to see what advice he/she has to offer as well. Good luck!



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