Myth Or Fact Gender Based On Fetal Heart Rate

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stevecc - April 25

I've heard most of the myths with pregnancy and I happen to beleive the one about determining the baby's gender based on the fetal heart rate. I was hoping everyone on this forum could help prove - or disprove this myyth. I have had two children, both boys, both fetal heart rates were from 138 to 145 BPM. I am now PG with my third and the heart rate is 176 BPM. I think that this shows that it is going to be a girl. Can anyone else tell me about their experiences....... Let's Prove - or disprove - This Myth!!


Karen S - April 25

I have heard this myth to be true but I think it is a myth. My son's heartrate was in the early 140's my nurse said it would be a boy because of the heartrate and my symptoms. My symptoms were things like I didn't have morning sickness and my belly was high. Like I said Im sure there myths but sometimes they seem to be true:) My mom had 2 girls and our heartrates were in the160's or higher. When do you find out? Or are you going to find out?


Jenn - April 25

My first son was at 140 and this one is a boy and has been from 170 to 155 constant-so I do believe it is just a myth.


snugglybugglys - April 25

I have to agree it is a myth. My first baby BPM were only 140 and my "lovely" inlaws kept swearing I was having a boy...well I knew she was a girl, and the later u/s proved it. Well then preg with twin boys. BPM one was around 140 also, the other was 170 of course know it all inlaws swore one boy one girl. My last baby another girl...her BPM were around 160.


1Sttimemomy - April 25

my babies heart rate is between 166 and 158 and i was pretty sure it was a girl i still have a strong feeling it is a girl but according to the u/s she thinks it is a boy but the baby was breach and it is harder to determine s_x so i hope it is not a myth and i get a little girl


Ducky - April 26

My sons heart rate was low. They thought he was going to be a girl.


tearsofjoy1978 - April 26

I was less than 6 weeks pregnant with my son and the doctor told me that its a boy! she said that a heartbeat of 160 and above is a girl and less than that is a boy .. she even made a small bet with me! she said if it isnt a boy i will give you my next paycheck! .. she gave me a signed agreement!! haha ... needless to say she won !!


GraceRenee - April 26

My daughter's HR was always 160 ish, and my son's was always 140 ish, so the myth worked for me! I go to the Dr. for a 15 week appt. on Friday and am curious to hear what the HR is.


livdea - April 26

In one doctor visit my girlies heart beat went from 124 to 165 in a matter of a minute! Constantly though she was in the high 140 range. I don't think theres a way of never know if they are sleeping, playing, chilling, doing sumersaults!!! But it's always fun to guess! :)


meg - April 26

I'm having a boy & his heart rate has varied from 141 to 158, although at one of my ultrasounds it was 168.


stevecc - April 26

Thanks everyone for your input. I guess the Myth is still a myth, but I'm still choosing to believe it. At least until I find out what this baby is. If it is plain as day at my structural US then I will probably find out. But alas my other two had crossed legs and their bum towards the front so we couldn't see. KAREN S: I had morning sickness with my first son but I did carry high with both boys. And even though I'm only 11 wks and I've lost wait BC I haven't been able to eat alot, like my first son. But I'm bigger already and it's more on my sides that below my belly b___ton so I'll wait to see if I carry wide this time.


Patti - April 26

My son's h/b was in the 150 - 160 range throughout pregnancy. My 2 girls are around the same. This is another girl and hers as been as low as 145 and up to 160. Anyway, my Dr. believes that the reason so many believe the myth is that there's a 50/50 chance of being correct. Also, I've carried all my babies low and all up front. Everyone says "oh, you must be having a boy", but this is the third girl :)


Bee99 - April 26

I have heard that the gender heart rate is true but only during labour so heart rate up girl..I think and down boy??or is that the other way??


dedaa - April 27

I also have had two children both of which are boys. The first boys hb was always around 138-140 so they told me it would be a boy they were right but my last child`s hb was around 165 they told me that it would be a girl baby came out a boy so I don`t think that it is very valid. I thought for sure my last pregnancy was going to be a baby girl even from what they had said on the ultrasound but every pg is different.


Trish# - April 27

Note that the heartrate decreases as you progress; it is always a lot higher at early ultrasounds. I'm having a girl and her HR was 158 at 13 weeks and 158 at 20weeks, too.


Patti - April 27

Update: I just saw the Dr. yesterday at 21 weeks and my girl (very clear on u/s) had a heartrate of 133.


Laurabb4 - April 28

I have three boys all three had hb's of 143 the whole time. I am expecting a girl. Her hb is 150-155 the whole time. It has been true for me. When do you find out what you are having?



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