Myths And Wives Tales

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S - February 27

I come from a hispanic family. My mom recently told me the other day........"make sure you wear a bobby pin on your pants just in case of an eclipse, so that the baby isnt born w/ a cleft lip"....I was sorta thinking is she going crazy?????? But i guess thats just another myth...Have any to share?????


meagan - February 28

I have heard that when carry low its a Boy and when you carry high its a girl. Well I carried very low and had a Girl!


Maleficent - February 28

i had some idiot at the pool locker room tell me not to swim while pregnant because it could drown the baby. i told her to mind her own business and went to my PREGNANCY WATER AEROBICS CLASS. lol. some people.


rose - February 28

this one is cla__sic-if you have heartburn then your baby has a full head of hair!!! my kids did but i doubt it had anything to do with my heartburn!!!hahaha


Heavenly - February 28

I heard something simialr to Meagan's myth. But I heard that is you carry all out front it's a boy and if you are round all to your sides then it's a girl. I am round's on my sides as well and I am having a girl. My friend was all out from (you could still see her hips) she had a boy. Eh, somethng my Mom told me.


P - February 28

Rose, if heartburn indicates a full head of hair, I'm having a freakin Ewok!! lol


Donna - February 28

LOL "P" that tickled me! lol but yep ive heard heartburn means a good head of i guess im havin an ewok aswell!! lol...funny


lidia - February 28

I also come from a hispanic family and my mother in law is always telling me and doing wierd stuff , one time when I had my first daughter I saw a red string on the babys forhead and she said that it would stop the baby hicups and a nother time I walked in on her and she had my baby up side down slapping her on her feet I freaked out she said that the baby soft spot got stuck and I was living with her for a while after the baby birth and she said if I go out side I have to have a towel over my head for a month,know that wierd


Mary - February 28

This is from my religion - it is bad luck to buy anything for the baby before the heart starts beating - which based on the belief is at the 3 month mark. I guess it kinda makes sense with the lower % of a m/c at the end of 1st trimester. :)


Mary - February 28

I have another - you must not resist any food cravings or the baby will be born looking like the food you did not eat. BTW, I come from a Latin Jew family. :)


rose - February 28

lol mary--that could be scary...considering i craved slim jims with my daughter and mexican food with my son


Billie - February 28

I've heard that if you carry in the front like a ball it's a boy and all around, it's a girl. I also heard that if you crave sweet foods it's a girl and salty foods, it's a boy. I'm carrying in front and I can't get enough chips. Yep.... I'm having a boy!!


To Mary. - February 28

I've also heard the one about food cravings and appearance of baby.


casha - February 28

i am 18 and 38 weeks and was told to drink castrol oil and i will have the baby so i did it put me in false labour


candy - February 28

i heard that if you stay mad at someone while preg, your baby will come out looking like them


candy - February 28

i also heard eating watermelon sends you into labor..., sweeping will make the umbilical cord wrap around the baby's neck and choke them,... turning a baby upside down will make his liver turn... tickling a baby makes them studder...holding a baby on your cycle makes them strain...and showing a baby their reflection in the mirror makes it hard for the to cut teeth


Bea - August 31

Can anyone tell me some hispanic myths about babies. I come from a hispanic family and i want to know more since my niece is pregnant



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