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C - November 11

On the only name site with the name Sirena, there was a poll asking who liked it and who didn't. Most people who voted didn't. Do most of you agree with them or me (I like it).


HMM - November 11

It's o.k. But I wouldn't use it.


HH - November 12

How is it pronounced? I like Suh-reena, but not Sye-reena. I also think See-ren-na is kinda cool. If you love it, go with it! I've never heard it before which is nice!


C - November 12

Why don't people like it? It's pronounced Sir-ray-nuh. I've always loved it, but I have to get used to saying it out loud. When I was little I had an east coast accent (I'm from WA) and had problems with the "er" sound, so it feels a little weird to me when I say it aloud. I like Suh-reena too, but it has to be "rayna" to keep the meaning.


anybody - November 14



i think - November 14

its pretty.


me - November 14

Not everyone will like the name, so you should go with whatever you like. Congrats!


C - November 15

I'm not worried about people not liking it. It just amazes me that nobody does.


bran - November 15

it might just have been people didnt know how to say it. Ihate telling people my names early espec fam and friends. Because they say such rude things sometimes and really though who cares it your baby.


Lisa - November 15

I like it; it sounds like it's it? Their culture has some beautiful names. I wanted to name mine Auralia, but I went with something else this time.


Jackie - November 15

I think it is pretty neat, not a name you haer too often! Congrats and Good Luck! Keep the name.


Kim - November 15

I say that if you like, go with it! Plus, if you think it's unusual name, do like some women and just lie if you're asked what baby name you're going with. That way nobody will say anything bad to make you hate the name.


Karen - November 15

It's a very strange name. It sounds very foreign and reminds me of Syria, the place.


c - November 16

Thanks Kris. I think it's spelt the way it sounds, but Sirayna would be more obvious. Doesn't really matter though; my name is Caitlin and people read it as Catlin 95% of the time.


c - November 16

Thanks to everyone else too. It's actually a Spanish name. I think it also has meaning in Greek and it might have some Portuguese roots. I actually considered Aurelia too! Luckily I'll never hate the name so I welcome rude comments; keeps me on my toes. Thanks again and good luck everyone.



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