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RL - September 8

we just found out we are having a boy...and I have been trying to talk with hubby about names since we know what we are having and he just won't be serious he comes up with off the wall names I don't mean uncommon names I mean things that you would NOT name your child....this is becoming rather irratating to me as I want to come up with a name and he just won't help out at all but insists that he wants to name our son...just wondering if anyone else is having this problem or if I am just stuck with a bratt for a husband ha ha


Lisa*9 - September 8

Give him time I never knew I chikd who didn't have a name. My husband did the same to me but did eventually come up with a name keep asking him every two otor three days,if he says no names with out being smart drop it right away . In due time he will surprize you with a good sounding name.


RL - September 8

thanks Lisa I know I am just being silly and should not let it get to me but you know being prego things get to you ha ha lol but am glad to know I am not the only one with a hubby that thinks he is soooo freakin funny!!! ( :


J - September 8

My husband was the same with both my pregnancies until I finally got mad and said lets be serious here. He kept coming up with the worst names just to drive me insane. So I said fine I will just name this baby myself and we finally decided on names. We have a son Benjamin (Ben) and we are naming our new baby Ethan.


kl - September 8

i agree...give him so time...but i know how those hormones work...with my dear hubby there is no changing his mind...i guess we are going to have david the 4th running around


Rhonda to j and k - September 8

to j sounds like you have chosen some very nice names good for you!! I know i will give him some more time and if he can't come up with something good I will do it myself!! fix him huh?!??!! ha ha lol trying to keep my sense of humor here just hard thanks for your advice to k I hate the whole jr thing not that there is anything at all wrong with it I just don't think that is for me ha ha lol but hubby may think differntly so who knows I may have me a little jr running around as well( well he would be the 3rd )ha ha lol.....( :


J - September 8

Yeah I had enough of the Jethrow, Felix, and Earl suggestions that my husband came up with and he finally stopped! But every night I would come up with some real names and he would come up with his weird favorites!


rl to j - September 9

well I think I would be ok if that was the names he was coming up with let me see the other day it was Brody I mean that is a last name come on and my older son is no help he comes up with great names if I were having a PUPPY!! My youngest wants to the name the baby after himself.....I am in a house full of guys who just think they are so funny!! Well my youngest is only 6 so he was really wanting the baby named after himself and that is kinda cute....I have to laugh about this so I won't cry!! ( :


rl***update - September 15

just a quick update..dh finally came up with a great name we both love..Logan..named after( wolferine of the x-men) dh is a big fan... still working on a middle name but oh well that will be easy!! I am just so happy we agreed on it!!! ( :


kl - September 15

I like the name Logan...Very cute!



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