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nicole - May 2

ok, we have a middle name picked out. we would like to use gene after my granddad if we can fine a first name to go with it that we agree on. but every name i come up with my bf thinks is gay. and we tried using a list of names and writing down our favorites and then keeping the ones we had in common as a list to narrow down, but the next day he looked it over and didnt like any of the names he picked. so im looking for other peoples opinions here, what first names do yall like. i personally like mason but he thinks its gay.


nicole - May 2

a bit of importnant info left out...its a


Beth S. - May 2

my little boys name is going to be Grady


gerri - May 2

I like Mason- about Christopher Gene ? Kinda has a nice distinguished ring to it.


nicole - May 2

christopher would work if my bf actually liked his own name, lol.


Amy - May 2

My husband and I aren't due til October 9th, but we talk about names all the time. The boys names that we love are Owen, Keegan, Kyler, Aiden and Ryder. Good luck and congrats on your little man!!


crystal - May 2

my husband and i are also having a boy and some of the names we threw around were; Cameron, Keegan, Noah, and Brendan. We finally decided on Cole.


DJ - May 3

How about a cla__sic male name like David, Edward, or William? Who is your husband's favorite sports star? Maybe that is one you could both agree on? Good luck!


nicole - May 3

the only name weve come to a remote agreeance on is ryan. and dont get me wrong i like it, but its more of a last resort if we cant agree on anything else.


Tracy W - May 3

I love Noah! My boy name was gonna be Deacon but it doesn't really go with Gene.


Nic - May 3

Hi Nicole I also like Mason but my husband hates it too! We have a little boy called Leon but for future reference I also like Jake, Owen and Tyler. Good luck let us know what you decide on


kit - May 3



Lynn - May 3

I like Mackenzie Gene... has a good ring to it., But so does Mason Gene. It's so hard picking out names. My husband is one of those people that goes with what's popular at the time & I told him that unless the name wa a family name, then we had to chekc the popularity of it first & if it was in the top 200 then noway Jose!. I remember going to school and there were like 5 Jennifers in my cla__s and 4 Mikes and I want my kids to have original names. We decided on Charles Richard if its a boy (Charles was both of our grandfather's names and Richard is on both sides of the family, both are pretty popular tto..) and Kaylynn Elizabeth if its a girl. (His grandma was Nana Kay, I'm Lynn and Elizabeth is my middle name as well as his sister's name).


KK - May 3

We are sticking w/ the old cla__sics... The baby will be William. But my husband really liked the name Jack, too. I think it's cute...


Mari - May 10

Christopher Gene does sound good- Brenner Gene and Brenden Gene sound good too.... I like Andrew Gene- or Nathaniel Gene


KH - May 10

braden gene


Maleficent - May 11

personally i don't think Gene flows well with any of the names mentioned. could you change it up a little? Eugene sounds better with all those names and it would still honor your grandfather but give it a new twist. but by all means, if you preferr to stick with Gene just tell me to bug off. :o)



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