Name Opinions Again Please

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Hayls - March 5

Hi all I am due this friday and still haven't settled on a name! I am expecting a girl or so they told me at the scan. Anyway I really like the name Gabriella. Problem is we have a long surname too, which is 3 syllables long (11 letters). I know it would get shortened to Gabby which I don't mind but do people think that would be too long a name? Should I opt for a shorter first name if it's to go with a longer surname? Other names I like are Marcie, Rosa, Ruby, Eva, Cleo, Bella. Any opinions welcome! Thanks


tk07 - March 5

hi! i like Ruby and Eva. Gabriella i pretty too and besides writing it i don't think it would be that bad. of course i don't know what the middle name or actual last name is! definately go with a short middle if you go with Gabriella though. yay! you are so close!


KBLMRL - March 5

I think Gabriella is a really pretty name, but if you think it would be too long having the long surname as well, I would go with Bella. Bella sort of sounds like the end of GaBRIELLA. So you would in some ways still have a part of the original name you liked, and it would be shorter, Good Luck.


crackersforme - March 5

My first name is short....but my sisters first name is 8 letters & our last name is 10 letters....her middle name is 4. Never bothered her writing it. She even married into a 10 letter last name. I say if you really like the name...go for it & just use a shorter middle name & hope she marries into a shorter name!


lisarenee - March 5

The only choice is Bella! :)


kpeck - March 5

I think Gabriella is pretty. I don't know if the length of name matters as much as how well it flows with the last name. Go with your heart!


firsttimemom7 - March 5

I agree with KBLMRL...I think the name Bella is a nice solution. But if you like Gabriella, just go with it. Long names sound regal!! :)


crackersforme - March 6

I also would like to add... like I mentioned, I have a short first name with a long last name. My mom told me that they were going to hyphen my grandmothers first name to my first & eliminate my middle name (which is also three letters). That would have put my FULL name at 21 letters. I actually wish they would have named me with my grandmothers name...long or not!! The length of the name doesn't matter -- it's what you like.


Bridget - March 6

My first choice is Bella and Eva is a close second. Other pretty (and similar) short ones I like are Eve and Ava and also Dana.



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