Name Opinions Please

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HH - October 2

Rory- boy, girl,or both? Do you like it?


b - October 2



roaring like a lion/lioness - October 2



*Susan* - October 2

I think you could use it for both, but I like it for a Girl just b/c I like pretty common names for boys. I like unusual names for girls.


jb - October 2

It could be both, but I like it better for a girl.


HH - October 2

Has anyone ever known a Rory? Male or female?


Kris - October 2

I knew a male Rory..but I like the name for a girl. =)


Kris - October 2

For a girl though I like it spelt with an "i". Rori. =)


jes - October 3

I personally liked it as a boys name. But now that Gilmore Girls is out and a popular show, with a girl named Rory, I think it is tending to sway toward being a girls name. I hate to see nice boys names turned into girls names, I really do b/c before too long all the poor boys will only be left with john and robert which are fine names don't get me wrong, but we don't want all of our boys to run around with the same name do we? I wish people would leave some of the nice boy names for our sons and not turn them into popular girls names. Like Ashley for instance is an old boys name and now it's one of the most popular girls names out there and the few Ashley's that are left out there feel really out of place. I would say not to use the name at all, just b/c it IS a boy's name but if you name your boy that i'm afraid he will be like all the male Ashley's out there. and I say don't use it for a girl either b/c then you are joining the male destroying name a__sociation. I hope you decide on something and good luck to you and your sweet baby.


J - October 3

I like it for a girl


HH - October 3

Hey, Jes. I have a friend who is a guy Ashley- what a pain it has been for him! I don't want a John or robert and it is so hard to find an unusual boys name. I hate all of those trendy boys' names. We have a very common last name. This really a struggle. I'm not pregnant yet, as far as I know, but thanks for the luck!


Kris - October 3

'Lindsay' also originated as a male name but is now more common in females.


f - October 4



HH - October 4

Me again, any opinions on Oliver?



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