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P - February 24

Has anyone had names picked out before the baby was born only to change their mind once the baby came? I'm having a really hard time with picking out names for someone I haven't really met yet. I did have one name picked out for a girl but everyone gave me such a hard time about it I'm now having second thoughts. And boys' names? Fuggedaboudit. They're a lot harder to pick than girls' names. I think I have it narrowed down so I'm wondering if it will stick once the baby is born.


Bigbelly#2 - February 24

Since my husband and I knew we'd have a hard time agreeing on names, we worked on picking one out for each gender (because we wouldn't be finding out the gender) way in advance. Those names stuck and we didn't change them when our son was born cuz we'd FINALLY agreed on something. This time around, we didn't find out the gender either- baby was due two days ago.......still waiting. Anyway, we got so much flack from people by telling them our names beforehand last time, that this time, we are keeping the names a surprise. Didn't want to have to deal with everyone's negative opinions again and again, it takes us forever to agree on names. My Mom actually found out the names this time though she wasn't supposed to.......our son, who we've told the names to told his Nana when she asked him!! She's already said some negative things about the names but I am trying to ignore them.......nobody else knows and we want to keep it that way. Good luck with your names and maybe you'll want to do the same.......keep it a suprise!!


tara - February 24

no matter what names you pick there will be some that won't like it, and some that will love it. it all just depends on the person and thier past experience with someone with that name. If you find something that you like I'd say stick to it unless the majorty says negative things about it. We won't find out the gender so we have to pick a set of names for both a head of time. I completly agree that boys are so much harder! I have been on website after website looking for names and nothing has really poped up for me. google on baby names and see check out the variouse sites for names...maybe you'll be luckier then I. good luck.


amanda - February 24

hey P, my cousin pick out a name for her baby was born and it now is a perfect name for him.his name is levi he is so cute hes 3 yrs old


P - February 25

Levi is a cute name. And I do like the jeans ;) I had the name Zosia picked out for a girl. It's pronounced Zaw-sha sort of... It's Polish for Sofie. I thought the name sounded so pretty and the father is Polish. My mother hated it! "It sounds like the Finnish word for duck". Her friends were all "they're gonna make fun of her". I swear they wore me down. Now I have the name Quinn picked out for a boy or girl. I haven't told the father yet. I feel bad because I think he liked the idea of a polish name for the baby.


Heavenly - February 25

Hey P! I say stick with the name that you like and to heck with everyone else. This is your baby. I had a rough time too with the name I picked out for our daughter. My husband had the whatever att_tude. When others heard it they mostly gave me the what the" eye. I don't care. Her name is staying! (Heavenly Graciela)


Maleficent - February 25

with our first i KNEW he would be Jared. from the second i knew he was a boy he was Jared. our daughter we went back and forth a while but decided on Brielle. (my nana hates it, says it sounds like a cleaning product, but we think it's beautiful and it suits her.) so far dh and i cant agree with this baby. we've always stuck with our pick. we just need to pick something for this little wubbie.


lovely - February 25

Alright ladies... this is it. I will share with you my name story.My hubbie and I both agreed at about 5-6 months, that we liked "alex"-boy or girl. We chose NOT to find out the s_x, as there are so few surprises in this world. However, there are so many frikkin' 'alex's in this world, we have 3 on our street!!! So, in the name of normalcy-so as not to be teased, we would call our baby 'alex' for short, but we (I) hated alexis, alexandra, alexander etc etc so I came up with my own variations. Name your baby at will (lol) Girls' name was to be "Alexana" boy's name was to be "Alexavier". we had a boy. We have such amazing compliments on his name ALL the time!!! I made it up-have't found it in a baby name book YET! But I love it!!!! Microsoft's new COE, {Alexavier} or the tortured artist {Alexavier} or the MVP Forward for the NHL {Alexavier} *sigh* Doncha just LOVE IT!?!?!?!



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