Naming Our Baby Boy Out Of Spite

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E - December 1

Has anyone encountered enough rude remarks about a potential name to the point that you choose the name out of spite? I am sick of hearing "I don't like it" from people who WERE NEVER ASKED if they liked it. Guess we found a name for the baby! Hahaha. I think it will upset some family members and it will make me very happy to know that:) Any similar stories?


m - December 1

Yes definitely! Nobody liked the name we went with. When we'd tell people, they'd almost cringe over it. So I'd just say, "I can tell you don't like it, but we LOVE it!" I know exactly what you're saying. Makes you want to name your baby "kiss my a__s". LOL That way when someone asks your baby's name, you get to say what you really feel. :o) If you and hubby find a name you like, and other people don't like it, tell them it's none of their d__n business. Good luck E!


E - December 1

Nice to see you m!!!! I cannot stand the people who have poisoned us with their opinions, mainly my mother and my hubby's aunt. A few others have said the same thing. Some day my son will ask us why we named him "Aja" and I can say, "Out of spite:)" I feel it is gender neutral as some sites have said but some think it is feminine. All I know is that I like it, it flows well with our last name, and it is the name of one of my favorite CD's!!! We will give him a solid middle name in the event that he hates it.


Debra - December 1

Other people can name their babies what they like and you name your baby what you like. If you have chosen a name for your baby and you are truly happy with that name, your baby will be too and everyone else will just have to get used to it and they will! :)


m - December 1

It's nice to see you, too! I have been kindof busy lately. Plus I'm a bit tired of a couple of people on here that for no good reason hate me (I guess my advice is better than their's LOL). So I just quit coming on as much. I came back on this week, and I already have another beeee-ach targeting me on that old "hrm, evaporation line" thread. I'm actually amused by this one because it seems more obsessive than witty. Anyhooo, I like that name. Is it pronounced A-jay, or more like Asia. Either way, I LOVE it. My son's name is Cy, pronounced Sy. My hubby and I loved it. I knew a great student named Cy, so that's what got the ball rolling. And my hubby is a coach, so of course, he related it to the old baseball player Cy Young. But I'm from a d__n backward a__s small town full of Bubba's, Bobby Lee's, and Martha Sue's. LOL Well, the school day is over, so I better go. Catch ya around. :o)


lilmama - December 1

What you name your baby is up to you, ignore any stupid remarks you get. Whether you name your baby simply because you love the name or because you want to p__s these people off, it will be your babies name, so make sure it is one you really like. You are the one who will have to say it everyday, who cares what anyone else thinks?


kashi - December 2

everytime we tell our friends or family what names we came up with i just know it's going to be a disaster. i tell them the boy's name - they are estranged, but still try to go with it. i tell them the girl's name - they freak out. but i LOVE both girl's and boy's names and there is NOTHING that keeps me from naming my baby either one. e, i really like aja (if pronounced asia), so go for it! and cy is really cool too, m. i think the bubbas will be jealous... hehe...


Amy - December 3

No I haven't, but I can't blame you :-), I had alot of difficulty picking names for my son (due April 05), it seems every name you like, someone else doesn't. I always say..." you can't please f**k it and please yourself" We had some very amusing names come up, but you just have to think to yourself 'kids can be so cruel!' I heard in the USA there is actually a girl called 'Chlamydia' Poor kid!


E - December 3

Thanks for the support ladies. Aja is pronounced "Asia". The evil aunt shrieked that the name was "AWFUL!!". This is someone who named her son Albert and her daughter Pam. Whatever. I love the name more and more as others tell me they do not. My mom is a beast too. I am also tired of plain, simple names (like my own) and welcome the idea of something unusual. Spite can be a beautiful thing. I cannot wait for the aunt to tell me she hates the name to my face. Lol!


Katie - December 3

My husband and I havn't really been serious yet about a name, but we have talked about it several times. A few weeks ago I came up with the name Blaze. My husband is a firefighter so I thought it was good name. I would never name my baby it but it has been wonderful seeing the reaction of family and friends when we tell them we have been thinking of naming him Blaze.


kellie - December 3

Oh God yes i totally understand where you are coming from My mother Helped name three of my kids well this last one now three weeks old she was really not around most of the time i was preg so my husband and i picked a name that we loved and decided that is what we where going to name her well she hated it and said that she did not like it and so did some other family members well the day of the birth she tried to get me to alter her name some thinking that the drugs where going to help in her favor well we did not alter her name at all and she is living with it now but i know it made her mad and i really dont care i named my last baby with my husband and that is all i care about that and p__sing her off to i guess LOL


Rachel - December 4

Yes! I love the name Lola for a girl, but my grandma thinks that it's a "hookers" name. In the end, it doesn't matter what other people think. Name your children the names that you (and your partner) like!


kellie - December 4

hey Dez tell your mom to get over it...Parents tend to freak out like that when it comes to bf my mom sure did when i had my first daughter but now my hubby and i are happy with our 4th and last child she will get over it if you are not living with her i would tell her like it is and let that be that stand up for yourself


C - December 4

go ahead! name your baby what you want. it's your child not theirs


Dez - December 4

thanks kellie for your support. yea I am not living with my mom, I live with my bf, and we have been together for 3 years, so its not like we have only been together for a couple of months.


kate - December 5

I won't be telling anyone the names we have chosen...for fear they will use it.If people don't like your chosen name(s) won't be using it.



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