Nasal Stuffiness And Panic

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JUILIE - November 22

Ive heard that nasal stuffiness is very common in pregnancy.I'm on Flonase which helps a little.I find myself waking up at night not feeling like I can breathe and I totally freak out.I try nose drops too, which I know probably arent' the best and sometimes even that doesn't work.Is this normal to panic so bad esp. at night.My hubby doesn't understand why I get so Frantic and will say that every one get stuffy noses.and I should not panic cause its no good for the baby.Any advice??


kim - November 22

Of course your husband does not understand he is holding the pillow over your face.


Shannon - November 22

They say that you aren't supposed to use any sort of nasal sprays or medications whasoever for stuffy nose when you are pregnant. I get it all the time and I just stick it out because the medication is not good for the baby. Try rubbing some Vicks VapoRub under your nose at night, that might help. Don't panic, its very normal.


lynnstress - November 22

Buy "Ayr" or "Ocean" brand nasal saline sprays. I prefer Ayr. Wal-Mart and Target carry them. They can be used as often as you like, and there are no side effects. I spray about 1/2 an hour before bed to help me sleep! When my stuffy nose is really bad, I take Sudafed - but my doctor and all the info says not to use until after Week 13.


Shannon - November 22

Actually yeah I have heard Saline sprays are safe... maybe thats a better idea then the medicated ones...


Terra - November 22

This might sound really odd.. But if you can stand the taste, Heat up in the microwave.. Gingerale, or Canada Dry in the microwave for around 40sec. And drink it hot.. I was told to try it even though I wasn't too thrilled or I didn't believe it would work, but it's working as of right now. I just tryed it tonight... I found fix didn't help But don't worry, your still breathing through your mouth, so don't worry about Not getting enouh Oxygen to your baby..


Mal - November 22

Hi Juilie. I totally understand what you're going through! I had really bad allergies before I got pregnant, so it's really bad now. I used to take allegra, but of course not during pregnancy. I have flonase, which doesn't help, and they prescribed me zyrtec, but that doesn't help either. My nose is always stuffy, red, and swollen. I am 35 weeks and it has gotten alot better later in my pregnancy. I am also clostrophobic (sp?), so when I get extremely stuffy or can't breathe through my nose I start to "freak out" or have a panic attack. When I do, my husband just rea__sures me it's ok, and tells me to breathe. I'll also either step outside where it's cool, or turn on the fan or something. Anything to get the air circulating. Tell your husband to be more understanding so you won't freak out. He can really help you. It's understandable to feel like you're not getting enough air. The baby really compresses our lungs and cuts down their capacity ( amount of air they can hold), so it's easy to feel short of breath or like you can't get enough. Just stay calm and breathe girl, it'll be ok. Let me know how you do!



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