Natural Labor Or Epidural

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Mary - March 7

I have child bearing hips and I am sure I can have a natural birth - should I choose natural or an epidural? What things should I consider? I am only 7 weeks but I am sure I am going all the way with this one - I want to be prepared ahead of time for these things :) Thanks!


J - March 7

I personally went for the epidural with my first baby. My water broke and once we got to the hospital my contractions started getting pretty bad. I got the epidural and then relaxed and actually slept until I was ready to push. Pushed the baby right out in 30 min. and loved every minute of it. I wasn't in any pain at all. It was enjoyable!


lidia - March 7

I always had a epidural and I have three daughters and one on the way I tried to go natural but baby wherereally large all over 9 pounds and I am not that big I would wait and see how the pregnency goes because you are still early


Penny - March 7

My first I didn't have an epidural, but did get drugs........but had very bad back labor....the 2nd time I wanted an epidural and didn't get one because it was too later, so I had him completly natural.....NOT BY CHOICE!!! This time I'm asking for an epidural as soon as I get there, not waiting this time!!! It's your choice, but Hey if I had my choice I wouldn't be with out it!!


rose - March 7

i had my first completely natural and it was a nice labor and delivery, i was induced for my second child and they gave me a drug called statol but the labor was horrible and i wish i had gotten the epidural...every labor is different so youll probably just have to wait and see how it goes...


Coco - March 7

Go for natural, it's horrible & painful but worth it ! my opinion ....


Jessica - March 7

It's really a personal choice. I am being induced tomorrow (the 8th) and I am going to see if I can do it naturally. If not, no biggie, I will get meds, but at least I tried right? =p


Mrs O - March 7

Epidural is the only way! Some say it is "well worth it"? You still have a baby regardless if it is natural or with some pain medication(epidral) So what is the big deal, why suffer if you dont have to? My pain was terrible, i was begging for that ep. I thought I would be scared to get that long needle in my spine but your hurting SO bad your begging them to hurry. It is the only way as far as I'm concerned. Why suffer for hours and hours if you don't have to. Like the one lady said she napped till time to push. Believe me a nap would be great bc you won't sleep much once the baby is born. So rest while you can.


ekay - March 7

I had epidural with the 1st mostly because I was scared out of my mind. I mean, I only felt labor for about 30 minutes. The second time I did it with only a little dose of Nubane (very light demoral-just kinda made me not care as much about the pain). I agree with the previous poster than in the end, you get the same result, but I wanted to experience the way women did for hundreds and hundreds of years before epidurals. They had to do it natural, so why can't women now. It seems almost like it is programmed into our heads that it is the most unbearable pain ever, and don't get me wrong, it freakin' hurts, but our bodies are so incredible that if you know how to manage it, labor can go pretty smoothly. My water was broken at about 5pm with my last baby and I used the birthing ball, a little Nubane and 2 hours later I had a beatiful baby girl. Just my opinion and no offense to anyone intended.


tiffani - March 7

Everyone is ent_tled to their opinion. Personally, I see no reason to be in any unnecessary pain. The technology's there, so why not use it. Labor hurts like hell. I don't like to hurt, so I say... Bring on the epidural!


J - March 7

I totally agree with Tiffani why go through pain if you don't have to? You don't need to be a hero!


KM - March 7

I agree with Tiffani and Mrs O. I thought I would do the same as Jessica and see how I made out. 3 hrs into it I was BEGGING for the epidural. (I also had really bad back labour) Anyway, i didn't end up get_tng one because there was no anthestisiologist available to give it. worst 13 hrs of my in my life. I was begging everyone in the room to punch me int he face and knock me out so I didnt have to feel it anymore.Everyone in the delivery room was crying because of how bad I was screaming.


tara - March 7

I have heard that eventhough you may not wnat the epidural you should leave the option open because anthestisiologists may not be as available as we like them to be. So I'm leaving it open and deciding when the time comes.


Rachel - March 7

In my opinion, natural is the only way to go... for me. Its not about being a hero, its not about proving anything, its about experiencing the birth of your baby. MANY people say they couldn't tell what they were doing with an epidural. They couldn't feel anything. I chose natural birth as did all my 4 sisters. None of us regret it. We would all do it again. Its a personal choice and one you have to make on your own. I wanted to feel the birth of my baby and be in control of my own body, not being under the control of drugs.


Coco - March 7

That's what i'm talking about Rachel. For my daughter i had epidural & my legs were numb for the whole time and when it was time to push, the last shot was too close so doc said , no more or baby will be sleeping ! And for my son, there was no time for epidural so i went through it all ! Ouch , but well woth it !


KM - March 7

I sure as hell wouldn't do that by choice without an epi. I commend anyone who is brave enough :) I ended up with a section at the end of my labour and the epi was INSTANT relief. I dnt think I have ever wanted anything so bad in my life at that point. I didn't feel the birth of my baby, as I had surgery, but I don't feel it was any less of an experience.


Dez - March 8

One word EPIDURAL! some women want to be shera and go natural, but there is no reason to go through the pain if you dont have to.



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