Nearly 6 Weeks And Complete Airhead Normal

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Kara - September 23

Please help! On Sunday I will be six weeks. For the past week I have been an absolute airhead which is very unlike me. I'm getting worried because I'm an attorney and I need to be able to focus but I'm scatterbrained. I've also been terribly clumsy which isn't like me. Bumped my head and spilled a drink on my keyboard. I'm only six weeks this normal or is it me? Also, for the past week, I've felt terribly bloated...does this improve at all? Thanks. This is my first one so I'm completely ignorant.


April - September 23

Well I believe that Im a complete airhead too. I forget easy. My boss (my dad) will tell me something while I am doing soemthign else and it will go in one ear and out the other. Than he yells at me for not listening!!! I forget so easy, and I am clumsy too! ITS ANNOYING but glad to hear im not the only coo coo one here! :)


Kara - September 23

Thanks April! I guess we'll be airheads together.


April - September 23

sounds good to me :)


E - September 23

i have read that druing pregnancy it can happen that you ... lose your mind a little. forgetfulness and even what they called pregnancy induced insatiy! i'm sure what you are experiencing is due to all the changes your body is going through. i wouldnt worry


Tara - September 24

Bless Ya! My friend was really bad when she was pregnant, shed tell me something in the morning, tell me again at lunch and then try and tell me agian in the arvo, she'd completely forgot that she'd already told me!! She was also very clumsey it got to the point where she paniced me just walking down the street with her as shes trip up the kerb!! All sounds 'normal'!! Congratulations on your 'bump'! x T x


Sabrina - September 24

Hi Kara. Sometimes when you're deficient in some vitamins, the ones you do have go to the baby and you brain get loopy. Make sure you are taking yu prenatal vitamins, and note that not all the the same. Look on the side label to see what each one has. Some are VERY light on everything (30 mg vit C and 40 units of vit E for example - what's that going to do?) I am using - The Expecting One by Nu Life, which had the best amounts I could find. Good luck.


monique - September 24

I was very clumsy with one of my pregnancies, so you are not the only one so do not feel like an airhead, everything is alright even w/feeling bloated, Like i feel right now, at least you know you are pregnant, i don't know yet, my period was 2 wks early, now it is trying to come at the time and i feel miserable, my stomach is doing something, i don't know, gas all the time, but i can't complain. I wanted to be pregnant. Thanks Sabrina for that advice because i needed it too. do it sound like i'm pregnant to anyone?


Jessica - September 24

Your body actually releases a hormone while your pregnant that makes you extremely forgetful and clumsy. I was a nutcase my entire first trimester.


Kara - September 25

Bless you all! I feel so much better reading your responses! Best of luck to all her are expecting and those who are trying!



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