Need A Boys Name

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Ashley - February 9

Hi there ladies, Hope you can help me out... I'm 34 weeks and in desperate need of a boys name. I like Aidan but my husband thinks its too common... any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


BigBelly#2 - February 10

Aidan is son's name is Jadon. Some other suggestions include Brennan, Brendan, Aslan, Landon, Jorryn and Ashton.


Ruby - February 10

Cole, Keegan, Cody, Brody, Devon


lindsey - February 10

I am hoping to be pregnant and if we have a boy one of my names is Evan. I think it's a cute name for a boy and it doesn't seem to be too familiar...I may be wrong though..I also like Cole.


Michelle - February 10

I liked Aiden too, but I love Cadin. Also Kyler and Jack-I like Jack because it is just simple, it was common awhile ago, but not so much anymore.


Beth - February 10

ive always been fond of my husbands middle name Grady


kat - February 10



LF - February 10

I think James Andrew is nice, Ryan James(RJ for a nick), Kyle, Ashland


m.c - February 12

my baby's name (he's 8)is stacy caine we call him caine and if this one is a boy i like brennan mckinley or micah mckinley.let us know!


lindsey - February 28



MandyD - February 28

Hey Ashley - I can't believe your husband thinks Aidan is common - I don't know any Aidans! Some boy names I like are: Austin, Braden, Dallas, Dakota, Emerson, Gage, Grayson, Harrison, Mason, Parker, Riley, Sawyer and Skyler. Let us know what you decide on hun!! Much love to you!!! Hope you're getting LOTS of rest! : )


Nica - February 28

My favourite boys' names are Jake, Joel, Jay, Nic, Luca, Tali (good for a girl too), Nicolai, Aleksy


Ashley - March 1

Thank you for all your great suggestions. Some great names... still trying to choose something... maybe we're just being to picky. I'll keep you posted.


Great names - March 1

Avery and Jordan


Net - March 1

Brandon, Cameron, Regan, Kieran, Joshua, Dylan, they are all my nephews names


Hey - March 1

I love Aiden! Also Ian, Carter, Kyle and Jake. I would avoid Cameron since I know 3 girls in my neighborhood with that name. I think it's from Cameron Diaz and Camryn Manheim : )


Mary - March 1

My baby will be called Miles. It means soldier in Latin. He is a soldier because he is fighting to come into this world, this is his 3rd attempt. :) Miles is a simple, different name.



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