Need A Middle Name For Aislyn

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Jenn - October 14

Aislyn (for a girl, it means dream) doesn't seem to go well with anything! her last name will be Long.... so anything that flows well. Please help!


Gemma - October 14

I think this is a pretty name. How about Aislyn Rosa, Aislyn Rose, Aislyn Marie, Aislyn Louise, Aislyn Blossom, Aislyn Rebecca or Aislyn Claire.


Laura - October 14

Jenn, I think that is a beautiful name! I would say Aislyn Joy. Good luck.


Jenn - October 14

Thank you for the other responses. I like Aislyn Rebecca..


me - October 14

Aislynn Rene


KH - October 15

Aislin Rose


Angela - October 15

I love Aislyn Kennedy


irishla__s - October 16

hi the correct pronounciation of the name should be (ashleen) although spelt aislyn, aislin, aisling (it is an irish name)


what about - October 16

Cadence? (pronounced Kay-dence)


Jenn - October 17

Wow. I really like Kennedy. Wonder how daddy will feel about that one? Thank you Kris! Some people just cannot force themselves to be decent human beings. Did you never hear the saying "if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all?" Its a big one. There is no reason to b___h just for b___hing sake. I'm growing more attatched to Kaydance too, as i'm typing this. I just really don't want something everyone has (Mine is Jennifer Ann, and i hated having 4 of us everywhere i went


pbj - October 17

I agree too...I like Kennedy. Aislyn was one of the names that I wanted, but we agreed on something else. Just a note too, it is not an unusual name, it is a very common name, just not in the U.S. To those of you who constantly complain about children being teased for unusual names, children get teased if not for one thing, than for another. My first name is common, but my last name got me teased all through school, I survived, my unusual last name could not be avoided, get a grip...if you don't like a name that's fine, but please stop using the excuse of names being unusual. It would be boring world and cla__sroom if all boys and girls were named John and Mary.


To Sorry - October 17

This is an Irish name. I've seen it in Irish novels. Jenn, how is it pronounced?


HH - October 17

Aislyn Eve? Aislyn Maeve?


ally - October 17

aislyn kate, aislyn jade, aislyn marie. i dont get how the pronunication should be ashleen like the irish chic said... I have bagged names in the past and its not for me or others to do so, i guess from experience if u dont like it u dont have to be so rude about it. I think its a pretty name, very sweet.......


K - October 17

Aislyn Rae


fara - October 18

Aislyn Liyana ..


Brooke - October 27

I named my daughter, who is 6, Aislyn Ione, and she loves her name so much! I have never had a person give me a negative response when they hear her name. Everyone thinks it is unique and feminine, but not weird. Pronounced: Ay-slin Eye-own.



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