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anon. - October 26

I'm 18 & almost 37 wks Pg w/my first baby.My friends don't call or spend any time with me since I got pg b/c they care too much about drinking and partying.They will occasionally call me when they need a place to go to hang out..So basically I have no friends.My bf and I are still together and living together,but he works 5 nights a week and when hes not wrking is we dont spend much time together..maybe we hang out once a wk on his days off.I am so frustrated with this pregnancy,..I really can't do this anymore..My self-esteem is so low. I have never felt so ugly in my life. And I sit home and cry everynight when my bf gets to go out to a bar and play pool with his friends, or even some of my old friends..and I have to sit home with no one.It has been like this the whole time, I even had to spend my summer after graduation this way..I really feel so awful.


Angel - October 26

I got pregnant right out of high school. I was always alone and had no friends. You should be strong and know that when your baby is born it will NEVER leave your side. It will be your BEST friend and nothing else in this world will matter to you. Just pray and ask GOD to see you through these last few weeks and you will see that what I am saying is very true!!! GOD BLESS YOU!!


christine - October 26

You should still be able to go out with your friends...just leave out the drinking that they are doing. I am pregnant with my 3rd, but with my first I turned 21 2 months before I was to deliver. Throughout both of my previous pregnancy's I still hung out with friends and went out dancing, I just didnt drink and I took it easy. If your friends are leaving you behind...then they dont sound like they were the best of friends to begin with. Hang in there, you only have a few weeks left and then life will take a totally different avenue..Once the baby is born you will have the joys of motherhood at your feet.


m - October 26

Do you have a sister or cousin or something you could hang out with? Why don't you ask your bf to stay home with you these last couple of weeks. It won't kill him to give up a few nights of pool with the guys. But no matter what happens in these last few days, girl, when that bundle of joy gets here, you'll have a whole new life. One where those so-called friends slide onto the back burner. That baby will give you more joy than you can imagine! Good luck!


m - October 26

PS - PLEASE do not feel ugly. Pregnancy is the most beautiful thing in the world. A woman never looks prettier as when she is carrying a child.


anon. - October 26

I would go out with them and just leave out the drinking but they don't even call or come around.My bf won't stay home.. since he only goes out like one night a week anyway..It'll just make me sound like im being a possesive gf if I ask him to stay home with me.And then he'd probably be miserable and cranky anyway because he would rather be somewhere else. I don't have a sister who lives around here or any family really..just my parents and they're too busy to even spend a day with me. I just don't feel like I can do this anymore. I feel like c___p everytime I go out and there are all these pretty skinny, nicely dressed girls and Im stuck wearing sweatpants and t-shirts all the time.I sleep like 20 hrs or more every day cause I just want the time to pa__s..


anon - October 26

I am scared that I won't snap out of this when I have the baby. especially if I can't lose the weight I have gained because my self esteem is SO low.. and I just feel so alone.


Tara - October 27

Are there any sort of parent cla__ses you could go to or pre-natal cla__ses where you could go out and meet new friends who understand how you feel as they are in the same boat? Maybe a part time college course or something? just something to get you out of the house, the more you are sat in the worse you will feel. Have you got a pet? maybe a small dog? this gives you the excuse that you have to go for walks, go to a near by park and see people. I no the first step is the hardest but once you make that first step there will be no going back! and I no this will sound harsh bit no one will make it for you, you have to make the effort to help yourself! Why don’t you suggest to your bf that you get out together for a change?? If he wont give up one night to spend with you then he doesn’t sound much use, what’s he going to be like when the baby turns up?? Best wishes to you. If you want to Email and talk just leave me you address xx


Tina - October 27

Why do you have to sit home while he goes out? I went with my boyfriend when he went to play pool at night and I played it too. I didn't sit at home bored unless I was too tired and wanted to sleep.


anon. - October 27

I have pets and stuff, and I do go for walks.I went to prenatal cla__ses, they're all finished now.They were all adults anyway, mostly married.I'm not starting school again till Jan. My bf does spend time with me, but he also takes a night to be with his friends. I don't know why they don't invite me.They usually go to bars and I'm not 19 yet for a couple of mnths so I can't go.I really just want this to be over so bad.Everyday I hope I go into labour..and I'm only 37 wks.



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