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mary - March 15

hey.i feel really silly asking these questions but i dont have any one to really talk to thats much older then see i think i might be pregnant. iv told my friends and they say im not im just stressing myself over nothing, iv been on the pill for 3yrs.and last month im about 99.9% think i took it the same time every day and all and then i had my period that was fine then 2 days later i slept with my boyfriend he used a condom but as they do it riped!!then a week later i was very sick very bad pains in my sides and belly high temp and all then got a really bad kidney infection iv been to the doc 3 times all different as my one was away,but when i went to my one when she got back i told her what happened and she said she was certain i wasnt and also took a urine test(for my kidney infection) and said there was just blood in it. i havnt got my period as i had to take my pill back to back as i was on tablets.last week i went to hospital to a special doc as im still feeling sick and he said nothing either. i have to go back into hospital again tomarrow for a blood test and a blood count and x-ray to see whats wrong with me.because i still feel really sick pain in my back full the whole time pains in my sides so scared as i dont want a baby at all at this stage in my life not friends and my boyfriend wont listen to me any more because they say im not.any im worred over nothing at all. if i was pregnant i would be 5weeks iv also LOST weight aswell but im silly and think i already have a bump!!!i took the on line pregnancy test here and they said very small chance because of when i had s_x last.sorry for going on and on but just looking for some advice sorry......


S - March 15

I would request a blood preg test to be sure you are or are not pregnant. I would also make sure you don't have a kidney stone since the pain you are describing is very colicky and persistent. Until you pa__s the stone you will have pain constant or on/off. A kidney infection will also cause major pain. Please see your doctor or got to the ER if the bad pain persists.


tara - March 15

Kidney infections cause a lot of pain and sick feelings. But if you want to find out for sure if you are pregnant do a pregnancy test. You can do one at home, at the Dr. or ask for a blood test as they are more accurate. But because of the time you had s_x it is unlikely to get pregnant. Good luck.


mary - March 15

thanks for your help well im going into hospital tomarrow so im sure i will fine out then.have to get a blood test, my back is killing me the hole time to aint nice feeling and really bad pains that im crying with so im going to hope for the best,if i was pregnant i would be 5weeks now but i dont think i am well hope not so im sure ill be ok as to when i had s_x last and havnt had it since bebacuse im worryed sick about it!well thanks again for both of your help!



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