Need Advice From Mom S

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S - November 14

Which is better...a OB/GYN or a Midwife? I have my first Dr. Appt. in 2 weeks and am very interested to know what thing should influence my decision. Please share your experiences! I really dont know the difference but a few of my friends said a midwife is better. Thanks!


veronica - November 14

I never had a midwife, just the ob and she did a great job, never feared or even wondered about anything, but my deliveries were simple and quick 5 and 6 hrs both. Meet both and see whom you feel the most comfy with, your gut instincts do the most work here I think in deciding whom you trust. Good Luck!


E - November 14

Does insurance always pay for a midwife? Can you have a midwife and an OB/GYN?


m - November 15

Rumor has it midwives are supposed to be more personal/friendly than doc's. However, doc's are the ones who have extensive training. Therefore, I chose the ob doc. I just feel more comfortable w/someone better trained, and probably a lot more safe incase of an emergency situation. I had to have an unexpected and immediate c-section w/my first child, and I'm thankful I was in a hospital w/a team of nurses and doc's at my disposal, as well as a sterile surgery room. But in the end it's up to you. As for a normal healthy pregnancy w/out complications, there probably isn't much difference in the 2. That's just my experience and opinion. You have to do what's right for YOU. And touching on what E said, you might want to consider what insurance will/will not pay for... if that is a concern.


Christine - November 15

I too have always chose a ob...but with my first pregnancy I was talked into using the ob by my of the differences between the two is that a midwife will be there with you the entire time...they will be like a second coach...holding your hand throughout the labor as well as ob will will be lucky if they get there on time to deliver..mine didnt with either of my children...though she is a good doc...she ended up coming right after they were born and finishing for a midwife...they always have a doc backing them...they cannot have a practice without if a problem arises they can call the doc to come and the c section...whatever it may be...anyway figured I would let ya know that...good luck and as the other girls is best to meet both and chose who you like the best...


Shannon - November 15

Thanks so much.


claire - November 15

here in scotland we just get a midwife, dont get a choice so i couldn't really give advice. by the way whats an ob/gyn? x



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