Need Advice On Internal Fetal Monitoring

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Maddie - June 15

I am curious as to whether this procedure is standard in the delivery room. I am not planning on having an epidural, although if my labor doesn't progress I am sure I will get one. My friend (who has had a baby with epidural) has told me that I HAVE to have internal fetal monitoring with a cord coming out of me. What are the pros and cons to this, and is it necessary for every woman to have this in labor? Thanks so much.


Audrea - June 15

I am an RN and work L&D. Just because you get an epidural does not mean the put in an internal fetal monitor. It is really up to the OB when they do this. If there is an irregular hearrate or if the baby has decelerations of the heartrate during labor,that is usually when one will be put in. It is only a small wire that you cannot even tell is there. It is really no big deal and you yourself will not be able to feel it while it is in.


Maleficent - June 15

you never HAVE to do anything. you can choose to refuse any "routine" medical procedure you want. you're doing the right thing by getting information now rather than waiting. i preferr my delveries to be as intervention free as possible. i only allowed the internal monitor when it was nessisary. my first was a long induction and he got the monitor. my second's heartrate dropped at a scary rate, i all but insisted on the monitor. it's an easy and accurate way to keep track of how baby is handeling delivery. only mildly invasive, and it won't hurt you or the baby. if you need it, don't be afraid to get it.


joesalvati - March 8

Tell your Doctor they can get the accuracy of an internal monitor with an external device that can replace the fetal scalp electrode, the internal pressure catheter as well as the toco belt.

Check out ob-tools on the web.  It is an FDA cleared uterine and fetal monitor.



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