Need Advice Please 23 Days Late Neg Tests

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shay1234 - September 6

I am unsure if I am or could be pregnant. I have normal periods EVERY month I get my period not always on the same day but within the same week. I am late by 23 days according to my app "period tracker"on my iphone. my last period started July 17th and ended the 22nd. I took seven test from the time my period was late until now (all neg). On the second of this month i had very light spotting i thought i was finally getting my period but that was it and havent got it yet.. . I am very confused as to what could be wrong with me. I have no insurance and a blood test/appt with doctor will cost at least 200, i am going to make an appointment this week but i am curious what anyone thinks of this? I am experiencing some signs or symptoms but these are considered normal for myself. some discharge, headaches, lowerback aches, tired, hungry, sick but after i eat feeling better... could it be possible to have neg HPT this far in???


Grandpa Viv - September 6

One possibility is that you completely skipped a cycle and did not menstruate Aug 14. You might then have ovulated Aug 28 (did you have s_x that weekend?) and experienced implantation spotting Sep 2. Do you have the "normal" signs you list all the time, or just as PMS? Did the signs start about the time of the spotting? Your next menses might be due Sep 11 - are the PMS signs early? My suggestion is that you take another urine test Sunday morning first am pee and repeat a week later. If you miss two periods in a row, a doctors visit will be in order, regardless. GL!


shay1234 - September 8

Thank you for writing back, this helps!! Is it normal to skip a cycle?? I have always had my period regularly so nonetheless ive been a bit worried. As a matter of fact, (i write down every time i am intimate) i did have s_x on the 28th. (using the "pull out method", not the best way, eh? hah) the symptoms i have been experiencing have been from around the end of aug to now but it could be one of the "its all in my head" thing going on. (so no not starting sept 2) and usually i dont get any pms symptoms ever! only a little emotional before my cycle but never cramps, ect. ALSO ive never had any random spotting that didnt lead to a regular period. My sister said that some women have a cycle change and that could be whats wrong with me. We will see! I will do as you say and take another test sunday am and try to make a doc appt soon. thank you for your help! :)


Grandpa Viv - September 8

No, it's not normal to skip, but many women will tell you it has happened once or twice - stress, sickness, woteva! It's interesting that your "signs" started around the date that I picked as a possible ovulation date. That could signal an ovulation gone awry, a cyst, with the follicle putting out hormones to mimic pregnancy. When else were you intimate in the last half of August?


shay1234 - September 8

In the end of Aug. I was only intimate 20,21,22 and the 28th. thats all. I have thought i could possibly be pregnant since about the 18th or 19th (because I was supposed to start my period the 14th) and towards the 26th on i have been feeling at least a little sick (not enough to throw up) and having headaches (i get them every day anyway but these ones have been BAD) and most of all recently ive been getting VERY bad lower back pains and ive been tired all day. But, i hope its not a cyst.. :( thanks!


Grandpa Viv - September 9

With all the information now on the table, I am going to guess that you had a delayed ovulation about Aug 25th and got pregnant from sperm left over from earlier that week. That would give you early pregnancy signs starting at the end of August. Your signs now include fatigue, lower back pain, nauseous, headaches, appet_te, spotting, discharge, emotional etc. How about heavier b___sts, sensitive nipples, more frequent urination? Under this a__sumptin you might possible get a positive test already, but it would still be better to wait until Sunday, using first am pee. Let us know how it ges!



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